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Posted by ADame ( on July 15, 2000 at 13:05:14:

In Reply to: Just found out what my headaches are. posted by Shannon on July 15, 2000 at 11:34:38:

Welcome aboard...I too am a combination Migrane & Cluster sufferer...although it took 36 years for a Neuro to agree with me.

I do know the difference in the pain as you will discover also...I do have the nausea with my Clusters a lot of time...not especially do to nausea, but from the sear pain....I do not tolerate pain very well and when I wake up to a 10 it is already there full-blown...I firmly believe I throw up or have dry heaves due to the hurts so bad I can't help it...Just moving causes more pain, but unlike migrane sufferers CLUSTER people have to move, bang, scream, cry, all those wonderful traits.

The Imitrex works wonders right now....Once I take it I must lie down quickly....for I know I am going to get much worse before I get better...Really bad, but it works...Just afraid I will have a stroke after I take the injection...

I was a single mom just like you. I have only one child. My son also took care of me...up until he left home at 26 last year to live in Atlanta. (he has his own family now and expecting my first grandbaby the last of it's just me...At first I really paniced thinking I would die alone...and maybe I will, but that's life. My son would hear me in the bathroom and would always ask the same question, "Mom are you going to be alright?" To that my reply was always the same to this day, "No, this time I am going to die". I know that sounds terrible to say to a child or young adult, but that is what I think each time. He would say, "O.K. Mom, lets get you up and back to your room (after getting me a cold rag). I wanted to lay on the cold tile floor, but he would say, "I can't stand watching you lay on that cold floor". He would get me up back to my bed and I would only be there a few minutes, sometimes long enough for him to get back to his room and I would be right back in that bathroom floor again. My son got use to me being violently ill or I guess he did, he never knew me any other way....Isn't that sad...

What we have is truly an illness just as all the other terrible illnesses are with one exception, no one cares about us...We suffer the worst pain I believe known to man and no one cares because they can't see inside our heads to know how bad it really hurts and how corrupts our lives.

Good luck from another single mom.....

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