Sansert *shudder* and a general rant

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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on July 15, 2000 at 13:15:29:

In Reply to: Suggestions posted by Miguel on July 14, 2000 at 22:12:58:

I agree with Flash and Jayne... Sansert is horrible stuff. I tried it my last cycle. I never got above 4 mg per day, but it turned me into a complete zombie... I mean a drooling idiot, almost. Couldn't remember my girlfriend's name, half the time. She still jokes about it.

I quit it after about a week, and I guarantee you I will never try it again.

Anyway, Sansert is just a watered-down cousin of LSD... the only reason it was developed was to attempt to provide the therapeutic benefits of LSD with none of the hallucinogenic effects (and possibly to get around the legal restrictions on LSD). It was obviously not a very successful attempt.

Since the dosage that seems to work on aborting a CH cycle is sub-hallucinogenic anyway, why even consider Sansert? Take the rotten stuff for weeks, mess up your mind and poison your body... for what? If the LSD is going to work for you, odds are it will work with a single dose. Done. Finished. All over for another six months or so.

I quite honestly fail to understand people's over-caution on this subject. Just because a bunch of wild and crazy hippies 35 years ago caused the DEA to list LSD on their "Restricted Substances" schedule doesn't invalidate the hundreds of well-documented clinical studies showing its beneficial effects on literally thousands of patients suffering from alcoholism to narcotics addiction to bi-polar disorder to clinical depression to "phantom limb syndrome" amputees to cancer patients with intractable pain to ... yes... migraine and cluster headaches.

And that's just the recent experience of the modern medical community with a single synthesized drug. Virtually every indigenous culture in history, from native American to neolithic Asian, has used mushrooms therapeutically for centuries.

Here's a hypothetical question to ponder: what if it was discovered that taking Imitrex in combination with, I dunno, let's say ginseng, was discovered to cause a high wilder than that of Ecstacy or crack cocaine, and the Feds decided to outlaw Imitrex? How many of you would give it up, just because it was now illegal? Not many, I'm willing to wager, and those who did would probably be howling their heads off to the media, their congressmen, and the world in general.

You had better believe that if I were a neurologist who had as high a success rate with sub-hallucinogenic doasages of LSD and psilocybin as indicated by the posts I've seen on this board, I would certainly recommend it to ALL of my CH patients... legal issues be damned. Neurologists can, after all, apply for a license to run clinical trials with hallucinogens, it's just a major hassle to do so.

As for the potential legal issues... I think virtually anyone who lives near a fair-sized town could, with a little planning and some discreet questioning, easily obtain a single dose of LSD or mushrooms with no chance whatever that the police will even know you exist. Take it in the privacy of your home, who's ever gonna know?

Unfortunately, I live in a fairly rural part of the Dominican Republic, where LSD is pretty much unavailable, or I would have tried this therapy already. I am currently searching for some mushrooms, but it is really the wrong time of year for them now... too hot and dry for good growth. I sure hope the rainy season kicks in early this year.

If any kindhearted soul comes across any, and would like to send me some, I would be eternally grateful. No need to risk getting caught... just pop it in an envelope with no return address, or a fake return address, and send it to me. How could it ever be traced back to you? The risk, tiny as it is, would be all mine.

Besides, who would even think to inspect a letter that to all intents and purposes looks exactly like any other standard letter... it just has a tiny little square of blotting paper slipped in with the letter? It's not like it has an aroma, like pot, that dogs could sniff out.

If this seems too much to ask of a group of total strangers, I certainly understand, and I apologize for bringing it up. It's just that this particular cycle is the worst in my life by far, and I am very excited by the posts I have seen regarding this therapy, and anxious to try it as soon as possible. If no one else out there wants to get involved... well, that's ok. I'll just have to continue my fruitless search for local mushrooms. I will certainly post my results as soon as I have tried it.

Q, I am anxiously awaiting the results of your own trial. And... take my advice, please... stay away from Sansert!


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