Ya ain't no sucka, BobbyG!

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Posted by Buddy Walker ( on July 16, 2000 at 10:00:29:

In Reply to: Hey Buddy...you got the the Cure? posted by BobG on July 15, 2000 at 15:16:49:

I know, these are mighty powerfull words,
and I'm climbing way out on a thin limb...
But damn, I believe, still reserved a
bit, but still enjoying the longest period of
time, I've ever been in 9 years, nearly CH FREE!!
Knock wood.... I'm a clusterhead
from way back. E.R.'s Doc's have poked me with
everything from demerol to morphine, and others,
I wasn't even aware of.. I've the Shot,the
Pill, Butalbital,Verapamil, Yada Yada Yada!!
Triggers, chocolate, msg, Blah Blah... At too
many different times to count. Waking up
days later, wondering if one of these times
I'm going to wake up at all.
Atypical cluster ha's they've labled me,
as the seasonal cycle, for me, does not apply.
Mine are all year long, only thing I can say
that is consistant, is, they hit at night when
freshly asleep, and more mentally vulnerable and caught
off guard! But you likely need not hear this
as we are probably on the same boat, or
I am as leary to hear of a possible CURE as
you are, especially if you've done your homework.
Before I spill the beans on what so far has
reduced my HA's by about 70%, and the episodes
I do get are much less severe! I'm afraid
to say yet, for sure, until I get some
answers from other Clusterheads... to be
sure. This, if I'm right, will be relief on a
world wide scale, something I would be most proud
to say that me, a groovy guy, basically, helped
to take the C out of Cluster for all of us
Now Bob, Do you have animals in your household?
If so, how many, and how close do you co-habitate
with them? Were talkin dogs, cats, rats, bunnies?
Before I jam my foot entirely up my ass.....
In other words, I do not want to be wrong, yet
everyday, lately, I'm not so afraid to deal
with the elements, {triggers and such}.. Until I
can say I've been cured, I need to give it
more time, to make damn sure it's not just a
short relief period, only to visit the
demon's "cycled seasons theory".. times 2,
as my punishment for believing that I might be
I can say that it would encompass all of us,
in all countries I've heard from.
And may the Clusta be the Sucka!
Excited, but nervous,
p.s. Would you also invite all your pals here,
at CH.com to answer this question,
right down to the child unit's pet snake and
help give me more proof of
what I think, is a God send? All
feel free to E-mail me!
Again, thank-you,

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