The Fight

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Posted by Miguel ( on July 18, 2000 at 01:27:22:

Yesterday I got up with a whimper, sort of the "All dressed
up and nowhere to go". Drunk my coffee and gone!
Grabbed the board and headed for the beach. It hit me
on the way there, but I was not going to let it take over
my eventually it disappeared without much suffering...
just staying focused away from the pain. As I drove around the beach
again! SH*T!!! isn't it thing gonna let up today!!?
So, focused, relaxed while driving (I know...a contradiction in terms)
and it went away. Found the perfect spot, 1' to 3' deep
intracoastal waterway, three miles wide, no waves to speak of and
constant 10 to 15 knots winds...gusting up to 40, LOL
busted butt out there for 4 hours...put on the big sail to start with.
Got the board to was like sliding on ice once the sucker
gets going. The sound goes from a sloshing, tail-buried 2"
in the water, to sounds like clapping and slaping, with tail
on top of water and wake away from is like
no speed limit is stopping you. CH did not come back
at all. No drugs either all day.

This a.m. I woke up in good spirits, physically beat from
yesterday (I guess being 40 has its draw backs), with
more blisters on top of blisters. Everything was going well...
until GF decides to clean up the bathtub with atomic
ammonia or something like that....hell! I bet the smell of the stuff not
only will awake the fainted, but the dead as well...WHAM!!!
CH attack! A "Glorious" one in my scale. Tried the focus,
relaxing, "the dose"...breathing...CH was winning this a.m.
OK...this can't happen! fight! focus, relax...loosen the brain
I thought during one of those stabbing pain spikes from hell.
End result - pain took 1.5 hours of my life. But in the end
it had to go away...cuz I willed it so. GF felt pretty
bad about it, but I can't blame her for not knowing. She
did not do it on purpose. It is my fault cuz I failed
to tell her that those ammonia-filled atomic cleaners really
do a number on me.


P.S. - Has anyone noted any correlation between eating grilled meats and CH?

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