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Posted by Riccardo ( on July 19, 2000 at 06:41:36:

In Reply to: Pain Scale? posted by Hutch on July 19, 2000 at 06:24:07:

....is what I wrote in Feb 13/15 on the board.
If you go in the old archive at that dates, you'll find many other responses.
Ciao for now

Normally, with pains, I always been a coward! I’m scared from all the docs that put their hands on me, excluding the time in which a sweet, beautiful doc (female) put me a catheter (sorry Elaine!) and I have had an abnormal (normal!?!) psychological/physical reaction….hmmmmmm, what a shame!
(Oh BTW guys: the doc said me that was a frequent and normal reaction, then…. don’t be ashamed if happens to you, and she adds that can be happen with males doc also, whichever could be your sexual lifestyle).

When I started with CH, my pain level tolerance arose abnormally with other natural pains. With natural I mean all the pains that born spontaneously from the body. E.g. colics, headaches, bone fractures, strokes (not hearth strokes…), and so on. On the left hand, with all the things that a doc, nurse, dentist or veterinary can do to my body, I explode with a high, abnormal pain and a terrible fear.

I am scared from the arising of pain tolerance, because my body cannot say me that something is going wrong. This is the main problem. We CHrs have to make more check-ups than normal people, to avoid the unexpected birth of dangerous diseases.

I don’t know if the PTA (Pain Tolerance Arising….not too bad uh?) is a chemical process or it is only psychological. I suppose that a part of chemical alteration is involved, due to the big weight of the hypothalamus on our disease.

Also, I have read a post in which someone said that he have to pick more and more ibuprofen for the normal headache. In my case is the contrary. A ‘normal’ painkiller acts more quickly and is more effective from when I have start with CHs.
But is not the same with other meds: I become insensitive to many meds: betablockers, ACE inhibitors (I have a high BP), some antibiotics. In addiction I become (don’t sure if it is related to CH, but…) allergic to many foods (that creates a strong reaction: anaphylactic shock!) like fishes, peaches, and some other.

Don’t know if all this can help, or can be common in you all, but I shared anyway.
Ciao and PFNAD

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