What are we, what are we here for, and who belongs here?

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Posted by Elaine ( on July 20, 2000 at 16:39:52:

First lets see what we are. Are we a family?

In my Dictionary a Family is a fundamental social group in society consisting of a man and woman and their offspring. So we are not a family!

Are we a Team?

Team Ė A group that works together toward a goal!

Teamwork- Cooperative effort by members of a team to achieve a common goal.

Yes and we are all team members. Our goal is to be pain free. We give support to each other until the answer is found!

Do we support each other?

Supporter- One that supports another! Oh God yes we all support each other. In different ways, and different forms. Each one of us have helped someone on this board somehow some way.

Are we friends?

Friend - A person whom one knows and trust!

Maybe we are not all friends but everyone has a person on the board like this. A person or many they know and trust.

So yes we all have friends here ! The people we donít know may soon be friends!

Do we have a enemy here on the board?

A enemy Ė A hostile force or power, something having a destructive effect!

Yes we all have an enemy on this board! The demon that causes us pain!

Below is what I found in my Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary!

Headache Ė A pain in the head!

Cluster headaches Ė A very severe headache like a migraine that can occur several times a day for a period of weeks, months, and years.

You ready for this one?

Migraine Ė Severe, recurrent headaches, affecting only one side of the head, marked by sharp pain and nausea.

I guess thatís where the name migraine cluster came in!

So yes we all have a pain in our heads thatís why we are all here!

Now what is opinion Ė A belief or idea held with confidence but not substantiated by direct proof or knowledge.

Here's my opinion on what we are, what the boards about and who belongs here!

We are a team brought together by pain in our heads. We are all team players here to help someone and be helped.

We are not all friends here, but we can be if we just try a little harder. Reach out and email someone, even if you think you might not like them, you would be surprised that person could become your best friend. The worst that can happen is they donít write back or say get lost, big deal go to the next person - you tried thatís what counts! You can not be friends if you donít talk to each other. Donít believe gossip. Everyone gossips its trivial, chat, writing, or talk! Email people and find out for yourself not through others.

There's only one enemy here on this board! The demon our pain!

We all belong here, suffers and supporters and everyoneís opinions belongs here as long as they are polite and not hurtful, be they different or alike. There is a way to disagree with someone in a nice way. Why hate others or me because we disagree, instead debate with others and me in a nice manner and just maybe we will see our opinion was wrong or maybe we wonít change our minds and still think our opinion is right. If you get mad and post like you are mad then we get mad and no body wins.

This is a wonderful site, with wonderful people on it. We are a team we are friends! Its time to regroup and if we all work together we can reach our goals but if we pull away and donít open our minds and take offense to things we are never going to get any where we are just spinning our wheels!

It took me a long time to see this myself! I have been just as guilty of these things here! I was letting all the negative things suck me in and I was no longer me. I stopped trusting people. Instead of looking for the good in them I was looking for something bad. I got into gossip and I stopped believing in good! I sat down with my dictionary and looked up all the words and their meaning. It became clear to me that I had to change also. I am going to stop spinning my wheels! I am going to go somewhere and I would like to have others join me.

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