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Posted by Shannon ( on July 26, 2000 at 10:07:10:

I was thinking last night about when I started to get my cluster headaches and possible links. It can't just be that for no reason I started getting attacked by this demon. About 1 year ago I went to my Dr. and told him I was having alot of hormonal swings and mood swings, he prescribed Zoloft for me (I am one of the happiest, rose colored glasses people you would ever meet, so my friends all thought it was nuts of him to do), anyway I never really took it faithfully (I actually learned how to use it as a weight loss program, went from 127 to 105 in about 6 months with out exercise) until about 2 months ago my entire family was going on a vacation and all 18 of us staying in one house on the beach so my father recommended that I take it daily and I did. As I look back that is when I started to get these headaches. As even I know Zoloft increases the amount of Seratoin in the brain, and I have faithfully been reading the posts in hopes to understand more about how to help my pain, I believe I read once that during a CH there is an increase of Seratoin in your brain. Finally to my question, do you guys think that possibly I had to much Seratoin in my head from taking the Zoloft (50mg) and that is what triggered the clusters? I have stopped taking the Zoloft for about the last 2 weeks and I have a slightly less headaches but that may be beacuse I finally have medication to control them or I am (crossing fingers) starting to stop my cycle. Thank you in advance for your helpful input.

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