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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on July 26, 2000 at 14:39:24:

In Reply to: How to obtain Psilocybin legally ... DJ, please read posted by pinksharkmark on July 25, 2000 at 18:57:29:

... to the title of the post above. I realized after skimming the board again that the title is misleading.

What I meant to get across is that it is possibly to LEGALLY obtain everything you need in order to produce your own psilocybin/psilocin through psilocybe mushrooms, and/or the mycelium of said mushrooms (see above post for definition of mycelium)

Stavi's post entitled "more info!!!!!" correctly pointed out that the act of growing mushrooms is considered to be illegal, at least for non-Native Americans. Whether or not it is deemed illegal to proceed only as far as producing mycelium, and then halting the process before any actual mushrooms appear, I don't know, but I suspect it would be. I don't know of any test cases addressing that particular issue. Any lawyers or law students in the house?

For those who feel uncomfortable buying what is purported to be mushrooms in a bar or nightclub somewhere, or for those who don't feel like tramping around in some farmer's field scrutinizing cow patties and risking picking the wrong species, cultivating your own is the only logical alternative. The information I have provided allows you to do so.

Should the fact that it is illegal prevent you from trying it?

Well, it depends on your personal philosophy. If you believe that the law is the law, no matter how wrong-headed it may be, and you sincerely feel that you would be sinning by breaking such a law, even if no one ever knew you had done it, and even if you did it out of the very purest of motives, such as growing some mushrooms for a beloved spouse who had been in unremitting agony for years and who was incapable of doing it for her/himself.... in other words, if, once the government says you can't do something, you simply WILL NOT DO IT under any circumstances, because of course our beloved legislators:

1) never make mistakes
2) always do only what is best for all of us since they are smarter than we common folk
3) always have all the scientific and medical facts on hand to allow them to make the correct decisions
4) never let their decisions be influenced by lobbyists or political contributors with a particular axe to grind
5) never reverse themselves at a later date and repeal an existing law (The Volstead Act ring a bell?)

then obviously growing mushrooms would violate your deeply-held personal beliefs, and you should not let yourself be swayed by any arguments I or others might make.

If, on the other hand, your concern is more of a practical nature than a philosophical one, i.e. you don't want trouble with the police, let me point out a few facts.

The very nature of this particular "science project" makes it easy to conceal from any prying eyes. We're talking about maybe six or eight small mason jars that can easily reside in a small box on the top shelf of a closet somewhere. No weird smells, no high-voltage gro-lights, no noise. Even if someone were to stumble across a jar, all they would see is a clump of white fuzzy stuff. Tell them it's an exotic fungus (true) that is used in holistic medicine (also true).

The police have no reason whatsoever to pay special attention to you. You are "off the radar screen" as far as they are concerned. You're not part of a drug-smuggling ring, you (hopefully) have no contacts with known offenders. To them, you are invisible.

In the "war against drugs" psilocybin mushrooms (and peyote cactus) receive the least attention of all. No police department anywhere in the country is concerned with them. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, speed, LSD, ecstacy, even prescription drug resale (barbiturates, valium, etc.) all consume every available resource they have, and then some. True, if they bust some guy at a concert or a "rave" for selling mushrooms, they might not let him walk away, but they don't actively look for mushrooms.

If I've piqued your interest, you may want to read a previous post of mine, as well.


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