MPVS - it's common in Ch sufferers as is IBS

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Posted by Flash ( on July 26, 2000 at 15:47:37:

In Reply to: arrythmias posted by Kathi on July 26, 2000 at 11:01:49:

MPVS - mitral valve prolapse syndrome. It sounds nasty but it isn't.

Do you also have:

Anxiety attacks
Feelings of pins and needles or numbness in your left arm.
Get tired easily during exercise
Pulse stay high after exercise
Occasional chest pains, like a stabbing ot locking sensation
Palpitations from caffiene/alchohol


In additional to fast, irregular pulse and palpitations, these are the symtoms of MPVS. MPVS is where you have the symtoms of a prolapsed mitral valve but your valve is not necessarily prolapsed. Sounds complicated don't it! What it really means is that the doctors don't know why you have these symptoms. The symptoms may also come and go with no apparent reason. You may be OK for months, then suddenly you get 50 palpitations per day for 4 weeks. Sounds a cyclic like CH don't it?

MPVS is nothing to worry about, although you have a 20% greater chance of sudden cardiac death syndrome. Since the chance of this is infinitesimally small anyway, an extra 20% isn't going to make much difference. you have more chance dying on an aeroplane...

MPVS, CH, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) are a sort of unholy trinity - if you have one then your chances of having another are increased. If you have 2 out of 3 then expect the third to start shortly...

Personally I have all 3. None is particularily pleasant, but at least MPVS and IBS can be treated easier than CH - or at least via legal means. To combat MPVS they recommend 30mins exercise at least 3 days each week. Swimming is bu far the best, followed by cycling. If you choose to cycle then be careful not to over do it - it's much easier on a bike than it is in a pool. Avoid jogging at all costs (two words: Jim Fix). Aerobics is OK, but not streunous aerobics. The bottom line is by a swimming costume...

Cut down on caffiene, in fact avoid it until your palpitations cease. Taking caffiene when you are 'sensitive' will make you feel miserable as your heart will flutter about all day. Don't ignore it, just stop until the symtoms go away. Ditto alchohol but to a lesser extent (another similarity with CH). Cannabis is bad when you are symptomatic, amphetamine is a complete no-no and that inclide MDMA.

Hope this is of some use. Now that I get plenty exercise I can drink coffee. In a sick sort of way I even enjoy all the swimming.


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