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Posted by Miguel ( on July 27, 2000 at 09:37:11:

In Reply to: I posted by Ted on July 27, 2000 at 00:31:57:

I guess you do not suffer some of the symptoms that
many people report, even in this board, thus it
is more difficult to clarify something that a person
may not feel or experiences. However, such is not an inpetus to
ranking whose is worse, but nothing but one more piece
of data evidencing the complexities and intricacies
of the ailment that all the members on this board
as well as sufferers abroad share.

Take for instance the issue of the apparent associations
between depression, anger, psycosis and CH. Such
relationship is not so evident, particularly to
sufferers in which such conditions seem more acutely
present. This is ocntrary to other symptoms that
are more tangible and physically eveidnet, which can
hardly be missed by the sufferer as "something is really
wrong with me". That is why I always recommend
that people that share this ailment do the best and most
to improve their attitude. I know, we all expect
instant satisfaction when it comes to a solution
or end to our pain, while quickly looking for other
alternatives and quick fixes. What I have discovered
from 20 years as a sufferer is not to loose my head
in spite of the presures that this pain puts on one's
mental integrity, character and dignity. Because of
having grown and lived scientifically for the last
25 years of my life, I realized that every bit of
information is important, even what might apparently
be considered "bad data". Therefore, analytical
aproaches to a problem seems to always be more advantageous
than emotional one, particularly when an ailment as this
seems to derive, at least in part from mental inbalances.
It takes every bit of self discipline and mental
focusing energy that one might have, and then even
such attitudes may fail from time to time. At times
I view at as the simple drawning without recourse. I
fall from a tipping boat to surface a few second later
right under a sinking sail that pushes you down under the
water inevitably prohibiting you from that last gasp of
air. Nightmarish indeed, but so true. Panic at such
crucial point will likely land me dead. Fighting the sail
in a totally disorganized way will evidence the end
result much quicker. The sail is stronger than me.
I know who will win that one. However, I can use that disadvantage
to my benefit. The trick is keeping a cool head
long enough to find a way to either break through
or swim around the sail to that fine gasp of fresh
air. Sometimes it is a matter of keeping a cool head
for long enough to allow someone to help us move
away from under that sail.

I much rather not involve a place like this in
a personal issue of "you said, I said". But if you
still want to go at it...well, I do not what to
tell you Ted. I can asure you one thing: It will
not yield the answer you are looking for any sooner.
Moreover, I remind you once more that we are both looking for the
same answer. I think that the question we both share in
here is significantly more important. Perhaps
all the anger an energy would be better utilized
toward finding the answer to the question that we
both have posted, although in different words, identical.
I challenge you Ted to find that answer and offer the
results not to me but to the board.


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