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Posted by Miguel ( on July 27, 2000 at 22:26:58:

Geee!! Come to think of it, and not to sing too early, but
I have not had an attack in...hmmmm....4 days!

Again, this is got to be the shortest cycle ever. I wonder
how much the sailboard exaustion contributed to this
super short cycle, if it is indeed over. I had a little wine
yesterday. No attack. I kept waiting for it to come,
but not a damned sign, not even a shadow.

This cycle was strange. It started on the oposite side.
Pain was dull, but potent. The usual 4 Advils and 1
Actifed did not work a couple of times. They eventually did.
I guess they need to build up, particularly the pseudoephedrine.
I did more exercise than ever before with this sailboard
thing I just got. I immediately stopped all milk and
milk products, no booze at all, no preserved meats (ham, etc),
did not eat any junk food/stuff that had any nitrites, MSG
(I actually read the labels!), lowered salt intake, and
consumed large amounts of caffeine. Did a bit of melotonin
when the sleep cycle started to go South and it helped
return it to normal. I worked as hard as ever, if not
harder, to maintain good spirits and make my attitude
be the best no matter what. I stopped the feverfew, Mg
and rivoflavin. Ate regurlaly. Basically, I behaved
and stopped any denial BS that I usually engauge in
when this stuff starts. I maintained my daily
3x advil-actifed regime, even when no attack, or shadow
was present. I have got about 20 people out there still
looking for the mushrooms. If I get them, I will freeze them
for the next cycle.

One strange thing though. Last night I went to sleep
at 1:30 a.m. or so. I woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m.
without alarm clock or anything. I just could not go
back to sleep. This usually happens when the cycle ends,
or is pretty near its end. I guess I have a few nights of
late to bed, early to rise. This lasts for about 1 week before
my hours go back to normal. I hope that this cycle is over.


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