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Posted by Simon ( on July 29, 2000 at 12:45:25:

In Reply to: Not a nice messageboard here posted by matt on July 29, 2000 at 10:57:28:

Your message is still here - it's not been censored at all - I think when DJ backed up the archive something got corrupted. Looking at the page source of the messages around 24.7.00 it's obvious something's gone screwy!!
(Incidentally DJ is incredibly reluctant to censor - as you'll see from the archives - if he were going to do so, he would have taken out the "stupid message" post, because you were upset by it, not a really valuable one like your original.)

I've linked that below so people can have another look - as I said at the time if you could translate some (or contact Annemarie who's also Dutch and split it between you) a lot of us here would be enornously grateful. The piccies looked nice but the language...!

I, like you, would only consider any "alternative treatment" if it were medically sanctioned, but I've been around long enough to know that a lot of people find it useful, and this is as good a place as any to share that info., as long as people are careful about legal issues, and peddling the stuff. So far everyone has, I think, been pretty sensible on that score.

As to the response to your original post, a bandwagon effect sometimes takes over here. (Given the title of your post, if you sit back and are objective, I think you'll realise why - it was too tempting a target for a lot of the more waggish elements here!) People also often react to the follow-up comments without really looking at the original.

I know people will be very sympathetic to the language issues - ask Riccardo some of the comments he got - assuming he's not already on the plane to Vegas!

Finally, people here tend to forget how others can be reluctant to post their e-mail address. We're all so used to it, and rarely do we have problems, though some would admit that they have suffered! If you want, you can always set up another e-mail account at hotmail or elsewhere. Otherwise I've arranged for any post to to come to me, and I can forward it if you let me have your address (I would of course see what was written - which may comfort you - I don't think anyone would send something unsuitable past me). (I promise I won't divulge that to anyone.)

As you can see, we are a friendly bunch, but we have our ways!!


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