Who Wants to Guess When My Bout Will End.

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Posted by Stymie ( on August 02, 2000 at 18:04:41:


First of all, I'd like to say that this site rocks. It wasn't around last time (Jan/98), and now that I'm in the middle of another cycle I have learned so MUCH and real do appreciate reading thoughts, etc. from others who I KNOW can relate to me. I am 32 and have had 5 cycles now, first about 10 years ago. In terms of the knowledge base, it was not until I found this site that I was able to confirm what I already suspected - that my CHs are not particularly related to lifestyle, etc., that they are a result of a "aby normal" brain structure. Now I have something to reply to my friends, who as well-meaning as they are, were driving me nuts with all the "I bet those coffees are a problem" or "better quit smoking" or "stay at home and rest, try to sleep" or "are you SURE its a good idea to.. (insert activity here)". Anyway, I'm sure you have all heard it before. What I want to post today might sound a bit insulting or uncaring - it certainly is not meant that way. You see, I've been reading about all the folks who can't afford Imitrex, etc. Nether can I. But this time (for the first time) I am on a Health Plan through work. And this time (for the first time) I found a doctor who knew a thing or two (mostly in the past I was told I have classic migraines, and was given very little info on CH). So thanks to the info on this site, and others, I specifically asked for Imitrex. I got a prescription for 40 mg a day (nasal spray). I have to be "strategic" about when to use them i.e. fight off the day attacks w/out Imitrex because I'll probably need my quota at nighttime. ANYWAY, the point is, the stuff kinda works. Not 100%, but often aborts the attack w/in minutes. For me at least, its a big help, though I still suffer a lot still. So the question begs "if this is the "most painful condition a human could have", why is it only a few are allowed to get the best medicine??" I realize "that's the health care system" arguement, but it sure ain't "universal" (even here in Canada, where we are oft-named as having the best care around). So this time I'm lucky....but I know what others who can't afford it are going through. So given this, and my love for games, and the fact that I think it will help add a bit of lightness/banter to an otherwise-dreadful and hideous experience for me, I thought I would host a CONTEST. No cost. For those interested, just email me your prediction as to what day my bout will end. Closest to the date gets my Imitrex stash. Simple as that. I'll even try to stock it up ahead-o-time if I can. Because this is ridiculous, anyone having to go through this w/out some REAL help. So waddya think?? As for my history - the bouts usually last 30-50 days base on past experience. Last time (Jan/98) was a long one, for me (50 days). I've had as short as 25 days (94). This time, they seem not as bad as usual....about 3 a day, usually only one or two really "bad" ones, almost always 11 PM - morning. They started on July 14th. I'm guessing Aug 14th (note: I will not accept my prize of Imitrex supply if I win!!). Please do not feel insulted, or think I'm belittling anyone's condition. Hell, maybe I'm just trying to be funny and forget about the pain and the dread I....sorry.,I mean we ALL.....are in for. Maybe I'm just joking out loud (???). Hard to think straight when I'm in pain, like I am now. Gotta go do the dance. Good luck to all of you. One day somebody famous or some political leader or a Bill Gates of the world will get these and BOOM we'll all be getting the pain relief we deserve as human beings. Until then, I'm glad there are people out there who are working on it and folks like you who are supporting each other.

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