How the Convention 2000 and OUCH happened!

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Posted by Elaine ( on August 05, 2000 at 15:34:36:

April 1999 I came to the ! I don't know who came up with
OUCH or who came up with the convention idea I can only tell you it was being talked about
when I
came here. Whoever it was, thank you. If anyone knows please post! Barbara D
had just started the paperwork on OUCH. She used her own money on Lawyers
ect…. We call this Lady Mom, I call her wonderful! Then Officers and Board
Directors were appointed. By Laws written. There was talk of a clusterhead
convention. Margi and Todd took the ball and got it rolling, They called
motels, worked on cost ect… ideas for both OUCH and the convention came
rolling in. Then the convention was handed over to Bob P and he had his
full trying to sort out a hundred details and put it all together. Great
Bob! Jack and Barbara have worked hard on keeping the OUCH membership and
donations information together. Ted and Margi and Drummer worked hard on
getting the OUCH Newsletter out! Donna, Margaret, Linda H, Bennie Sue, Pat T and
Terry S have worked hard on getting OUCH out in the open. Jonny has pushed
the membership for OUCH and donated his own money to sponsor the membership
contest along with Piper and Karen R. Mike H, Barbara, and DJ have worked
hard on the Budget. Paul and Jack on the Science committee are working hard!

The Officers of OUCH ! DJ, Dave G, Bob Kipple,Jack B, Bob P, and Barbara
Our board of Directors is Dr.Greg, Dr, Douglas Wright, Lars W, Mary D,
Simon, Bennie Sue, Riccardo, and Ulrich N. They have kept all this together.

There were others who helped along the way to make the convention and OUCH
happen. I watched these people work and know how much they gave.

I also know that everyone who kept the board going with giving their support
to each other and their friendship has been a great help. Nancy who kept us
laughing when we needed a smile. Terry for the thought for the day. Jackie,
Jonny, ave, Billy, Deb, Steve, Paco, Jim H,and Ueli and the rest of the chat gang who welcome so many to
the site. The not so nice people who came to our site when we need to vent!
Carl when we needed to remember that the pain never stops for some! August who reminds us
of other pain indured along with clusters.Tracy who remind us we can all be Trouble at one
time or other :-)!
for pushing us when we didn't want to go any more.. Margi for support and
when we just didn't see any. Todd and Jack and Gary G for all the research
done in the name of OUCH who made us get out our dictionary and learn. I could go on with name after name.The people who don't post but email their support.To the Newbies who come here and give us more hope and remind us what it used to be
like before we had each other.

Through all the ups and downs on the board all you people made it happen!
convention and OUCH!

DJ the man who put this site together, It all started with you! Some call
this man the Webmaster, some call him DJ, some call him the creator, I call
him Friend!
DJ you Rock!!!!

This is how OUCH and the Cluster Convention came about! We came a long way
people and it could not have happened without each of you! There were people who worked so hard they burned themselfs out but someone was there to gladly keep the ball rolling.
If I have left out a detail or got a detail wrong ,or forgot someone please
correct me and post!

I want to Thank each and everyone of you!

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