OUCH Convention 2000

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Posted by Barbara D ( on August 07, 2000 at 05:20:17:

What can I say? Don't worry I'll think of something!

Well, I'm home, I've slept - wish you ALL could have been there and next year I expect to see each and every one of you at convention 2001 - no excuses!

The "fun" was wonderful. One thing clusterheads have in common is a sense of humor. Even when one of us had to "take a break" for a dance with the devil, when he/she returned there was laughter about it. Why? Because WE could make a joke because we UNDERSTOOD. That was the key - we UNDERSTOOD each other. That was the common bond. WE didn't have to ask, "How did it feel?" We didn't have to apologize for leaving the room. We could RELAX - we were among our "own kind".

Now about DJ and the bubbles in the whirlpool - that's a whole different story - there has to be one in every crowd! Some kids you buy books, send to school, but you still can't take to nice places! But the maids loved him! DJ - the whirlpool makes it's own bubbles!

Anyhow back to convention .... KUDOS to Bob P. Don't know what he'll do with all his spare time now that he doesn't have convention to work on. He deserves a big "thanks" for all the hard work he did. THANKS BOB for a job well done. And DJ - our "hero" who began all this. And lcbob who came up with our name (did ya'll forget that it was lcbob who named OUCH one night when he was being creative?) and so many others who have worked so hard to make OUCH a reality and not just something to "talk" about.

It was ****ing wonderful to meet everyone who've just been words on the board up till last week - put faces to names and give hugs up close and personal (much better that way). I've got a lump in my keyboard just typing this. I think we talked non-stop from the time we got there.

But between "war stories", laughter, and having fun, we did tend to business. OUCH is a year old now and it's time to get down to business. We discussed setting up a grant program for some research into our CH. We also discussed an 800 help line (which is probably not feasible at this particular time, but will be in the future). Our committees in OUCH need chairmen who will WORK them and get them organized. We have the ground work set up - now we need to get to work.

A couple of people were disappointed that only 35 people were at convention, but most of us thought it was a great turn out. We had 5 countries represented, so it was truly an internationl convention. A year ago 6 of us met in Rochester NY in Dave (Drummer)'s garage to talk about organizing OUCH. We've come a long way since then. So think about where we can be a year from NOW. Sorry folk, I prefer to be an optimist about things.

For those who WERE at convention - My love goes out to each of you. So far I haven't met a clusterhead I haven't fallen in love with on sight - even Drummer! Maybe that's our common thread - we're all just a lovable bunch of idiots. Oh well - it's a thought.

Anyhow, I vote that convention 2000 was a great ****ing success (we had a seminar on that word and DJ says we have to use it all the time now) and I hope everyone will be at Convention 2001. I think Kip is in charge of that one. Where it will be is anyone's guess. Everywhere from New Orleans to London was brought up. I think it's going to be put out for a membership vote after the BOD has a board meeting and narrows the choice down. If you have any ideas, you might get them to Kip.

I've got to go get divorced today, so wish me luck in the settlement department. Talk to ya'll later.

Hugs BD

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