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Posted by Kelly ( on August 09, 2000 at 14:43:03:

I have never been to this site before, but I would like to share some information that I think you all might find of interest.
I have been suffering from cluster headaches for about 6 months now. It can only be described as the most incredible pain I have ever known. My first attack I spent a week in the hospital where they could do nothing for my pain. I was on a constant I.V. drip of narcotics and I was still screaming in pain. I just knew my head was going to explode. After a week they sent me home with a pharmacy of drugs that did not relieve nor prevent addtional attacks. My husband was totally helpless and as the mother of two small kids, my kids were left in jeporady everytime I would have an attack, as mine most often happened in the middle of the day. I would get confused and stumble around, passing out a few times. Never would I ever wish this kind of pain on anyone.
After doing some research on the web, I found some info that suggested that migraines could be caused by the build up of toxins in the blood. I was desperate for relief by any means except more drugs. The thought occured to me that maybe I needed to try taking some drugs out of my body instead of putting more in. I began a mild body detox.
After 2 weeks, my husband who is a massage therapist, suggested that maybe I should try a colonic. (If you dont know what that is it is where a technician inserts a small tube into your rectum, fills you intestines and colon with a slow flow of warm water and then releases it.) It flushes all of the build up out of your intestines. I was VERY skeptical, but I was willing to try anything. I had my first colonic last tuesday.
As of yesterday I have been exactly one week without taking ANY medication. I wsa taking as many as 20 pills per day to fight my headaches, now not a one. I feel like a new person. i have completely stopped taking all of my meds and I feel like a million bucks. I am not saying that it will cure everyones headaches, but when you have been through all of the tests and medications and nothing works, perhaps you might consider this.
If anyone would like more info or just want to ask questions feel free to email me...

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