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Posted by Dave Emond ( on August 12, 2000 at 21:20:10:

Okay folks ... wish you could have been at the convention? Well I'll take ya there. Big Brother was watching and will now reveal the identities and descriptions of all the players. Before I do, remember this is just Dave being his usual sarcastic self. All he has to say is in pure fun. I love all these people and if I have to suffer this disorder, at least those who also do are such strong, understanding, great people and friends. So, in no particular order, here they are : )
The Energizer: Barb D.
This gal doesn't understand the concept of sleep. I mean, that little bunny gave up trying to hang with Barb! She is probably the only person around who could have gotten so many people into a small whirlpool!
Although she can appear to be tough as they come, she has another side. Annette said it well, " Barb has a heart as big as her jewelry."
The Hero: Tammi
After Barb got done cursing out every restaurant in town, Tammi came to the rescue and got us all together for a farwell dinner. Way to go Tammi! She may appear quiet or shy at first, but trust me, this woman is a trooper deep down. I know everyone would love to meet this wonderful gal.
The Idea Man: Jonathan
Now, although this guy is full of great ideas, he is also self admittedly lazy about following up on them. But, since he celebrated his 28th birthday there we can forgive him. And, maybe take his ideas and put them to work for him. Party now Jonathan, cause we'll put you to work soon. ( Sharp guy, and very personable.)
The "Should I Bring This Up..?" Man: LC Bob:
There was only one other person there who could make you say "huh?" quicker than Bob. He is definitely not afraid to bring up some very interesting ideas. (Course that may be because Drummer wasn't there). ; )
Might not have agreed with some theories of his, but boy did they get your attention! You'd have to have been there to get a grasp on them, sorry I got lost too much to follow their exact meanings..LOL. LC Bob did write the "Devil" which is one of my favorite tools to use in describing CH and I thank him for that.
Plus, he hit the nail on the head when he summed up the convention with one word: Validation. Glad to have met him.
The Winner: Riccardo
Yep, he is the only one to beat Vegas. I'd say no one deserved it more. There may have been some trouble understanding each others language, but no problem understanding that Riccardo is exactly who he presents himself to be on this site. A wonderful, caring man.
(Except I thought he was going to cook us something) :)
The Bravest: Judy
She may carry around the sweetest smile, but I'd watch out for her. I mean, anyone who could take a huge bite out of a big cinnamon stick meant for stirring cappuccino, and not spit it out all over us is one tough broad! She even finished it! If I ever find myself in a tangle, move over jonny, I want Judy by my side; ) Kip, you're a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife.
The Smiler: Sarah
Now there were smiles galore all weekend from many. But, I don't think I once saw Sarah without hers. And I don't think she was up to anything mischievous either :) Seems to be a genuine happy person and spreads it to all. (Course I also think she was breeming with pride at Bob's job of getting us together too).
The Patient Supporter: Mikal
After spending this much time with DJ and this group, I'd bet Mikal could watch the movie "Goodfellas" and think that's the way everyone talks. I really didn't get a chance to know her well, but I could certainly see DJ is very lucky to have such a great supporter.
Mikal was a great example of all the wonderful supporters we are all lucky to have.
The "Where'd they go?" Men: Pat & Burke
These two where very well spoken and had the asset of valuable ideas at the meeting. But, I didn't see them after. Hopefully, we'll hear more from them, I know I'd like to have.
The Wish I Would Have Gotten to Know Them Better:
Allan & Catherine, Myrna & Alane, and Warren & Bonnie.
Allan and Catherine traveled across the globe to make this meeting. They were obviously wonderful people whom I only got a short opportunity to talk to and it was my loss. Myrna and Alane, again a loss on my part for not getting a chance to sit and talk with them. First time I'd ever heard of a Mother and daughter both having CH. Myrna showed great coping skills, and Alane was an information guru! Then too were Warren and Bonnie. Now whoever heard of Prince George, Canada before? Yet they hail from Annette's old stomping grounds way up in BC. Their kids even went to school together. Small world eh? ; )
Come Monday I'll be working out of town away from the computer, but want to write all of you when I get back in about a month. Got plenty of questions for all of you I wanted to talk about there but missed the chance.

The "Is He Hitting on my Wife..?" Man: Brian
Okay, okay...that sounded a little jealous huh? : )
Brian came over with Jonathan, and a truer friend I doubt Jonathan could ever find. He treated all of us with the utmost respect and gained it back from us.
Glad you came along Brian.
The Information Officer: Bob G
Easy to win that honor when you live there ; )- everything you never thought you'd want to know about Vegas and therefore never asked.
Bob supported me for many late nights during my last bout, and I was glad to have finally met him. If you ever need someone to just listen to ya and keep you strong, keep in touch with Bob, he's truly a great friend.
The "Yeah..But..." Gang: Ken Hubbard, John Bown and..uh..yeah..myself.
Gotta watch these so called shy, quiet types ; )
They sit back and listen, but then interupt with their "yeah ... buts..!" No wonder I found myself drawn to these two. We weren't trouble causers mind you, we just think along the same lines, usually at the same time. Makes me think they're very smart..LOL!
The Puzzler: Dr Freud & Mr Arnold
Yes, they are one in the same...I think : )
None of us knew Arnold before the convention, but I know we'll never forget him. A very nice guy, and quite the conversationalist. Even LC Bob couldn't match some of his theories: Do you snore? You might suffer CH. Do you have a beard? You may suffer CH. Arnold...if you get a chance to read this... know I poke fun at those I like : ) Or, if you are reading may suffer from CH...heh heh ; )
The Scale Tipper: Bob Kipple
Until this meeting, I thought I had a good grasp on Bob's scale. Now, I'm completely lost. : ) After meeting his wife Judy (who I think has her own scale on him) we got to know the real Bob. Truth be known, yes, he is a wonderful man, and has my deepest respect. Even if he pisses off waitresses and eats things he says he doesn't like. Somehow I still trust him. What a great couple!
The Founder: DJ
I'll never forget those immortal words of his: " &^&%&! and ^*%$^!@#ing Fu^$^&^%!." I could go into a whole page on DJ, but we all know how much he means to us. And I don't want Barb to start crying ( since she's probably still up). What more can we say than just a simple thanks DJ, and we Fu$king love ya!
The OGANIZER: Mr Bob Phallow
Applause, applause!!! Bob was worried throughout people weren't going to get what they came for. He couldn't have been farther off. Everyone truly did find something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Bob, you were a wonderful host and words can't say enough how grateful we all are for getting us together.

Next year, I won't need to write this letter, cause you'll all be there to meet these wonderful folks first hand.

And now a few words from Annette:
From the moment I was wrapped in a hug from Barb until we said a few tearful goodbyes ( and to those we didn't see again, Goodbye) I felt truly welcomed by this group. As a newbie supporter, I was never for one moment made to feel as if my feelings and ideas about this devil disease were invalid in any way. I just want to say thanks and hope that we will someday meet again for possibly a different reason. Love ya all. Annette

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