Getting the Doctor on your side and driving woes

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Posted by Mike L ( on August 13, 2000 at 06:40:24:

I have found it helpful for the Dr. to understand what this is all about. When you make your next appt or perhaps on your second appt. with a new Dr. cut back on your meds enough to knoe about when your attack will come. Schedule your appt. at that time. Or ask if you can wait in his/her office until you get an attack so they can see what's going on.
The first time my Dr.s have seen me get an attack they are either ready to agressevly treat you or tell you to go to a specialist. All my Dr.s have seen me when I was wasn't on to much med and my attacks would come especially if I was there a couple hrs. I do not mean this to try and put on a show. It is just helpful fo the Dr. to know what your life is like. During my first 3-4 years of being chronic I tried to go everywhere and do everything. ( You know "beat the Demon") It became to embarassing to have people call my wife or employees to come scrape me off the floor of a strore or bank or whatever. The I went into hiding. Now I am just more careful when going out and know that I have to have a way to get quick relief if I do. A couple of things the Dr. look for to see if you are drug seeking are if you moan and groan when the Dr is there and quiet down when he leaves. (My pain managment Dr. told me one way he could tell It was for real was that I tryed to control myself more when he was in the room. Also take your spouse relative or friend with you as support. I don't kow about most of you but I absolutley cannot drive during a cluster and have spent many hours stuck on the road until I could drive again. If you tell the Dr. that your pain is a 10 but go ahead and drivew home from an appt. it makes one wonder how bad is the pain? I can drive up to a 4 level. I wouldn't want to be on the road with someone driving with fist in eye. Just a thought. I know everybody is different. Also if you get pulled over for erratic driving and go to court you will have to list your Dr. and meds you are taking. There are many drowsy causing medication besides narcotics. Be careful out there. Mike L

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