Migraine Meds

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Posted by Mike L ( on August 13, 2000 at 11:26:11:

In Reply to: Sorry to be a bother but yet another question. *S* posted by testy on August 13, 2000 at 07:37:17:

One theory I have heard on cluster meds is that all the meds so far don't get at the root cause of clusters. I have heard that vascular meds work for clusters not by shrinking the blood vessels. (which they do) Rather they alter the neurotransmitters and/or receptors in the brain. And that other meds attack the problem similarly. Suposedly the meds alter this indirectly. If they could find a singular root cause then they could better attack the problem in a more direct maner. I think this is why so many meds work for some and not others, Brain chemistry. And perhaps why a med will work sometimes and not work sometimes. Many Dr.s don't think that clusters are vascular headaches like migraines. My anesthesiologest/Pain management Dr. think that the brain gets wired wrong. ie. like turning on your headlights and having your radio come on. He thinks the brain recieves a signal for pain and responds accordingly. Other then opiates I have had the best results with antisiezure meds. The opiates I take don't effect me in the usual way. I have never felt high from them or rarely tired. But with the proper dosage they reduce the frequency drasticly. The narcotics that give me disphoria (opposite of euphoria) effect me the way narcotics should. ie tired, lessen pain. But dysphoria is horrible to have it makes me very mean and unbearable. I also have never had the normal withdrwal symptoms. I have forgotten to take methadone for 3 days while I was doing well. (I was on a fairly high daily dosage). I never craved the med or got sick or whatever. My brother has muscle damage and uses narcotics. If he even goes 4 hrs past his dosage he gets bad withdrawals. The worst withdrawals occur within the first 3 days. I gues it is like takin Ritalin (a stimulant) for overactive children with A.D.D. They respond differently then someone who does not have A.D.D. I think the same is true for ather meds. I think that is why so many people have no luck with narcotics, Different brain chemistry. Maybe I'm way off base but this has been my experiance. THANKS MIKE L

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