Ah-Ight, then lemme tell you like this...

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Posted by Geo ( on August 29, 2000 at 04:36:24:

Check it- I'm back.
Ya don't like it- Or me. Handle it.
And check this out...
Seems certain o ya'll think I'm trying to be a 'pseudo-intellect', or that I've imposed this or that, or judged this one or that one, or want to set 'rules' for people (No I aint droppin nothing, and I aint forgettin nuthin, cuz I gotta voice, and I gotta right to be heard, just like all o you who gotta right to post whatever you want, so do I and right here is where I exercise that right).

I aint gonna repeat what I expressed in "The Superintendants of Grime", cuz I think I made myself more than clear in that, and subsequent postings, even though many of you just choose to lean on what you wanted to see in those postings and bark all over me for it. That's ah-ight. But I aint about to be accused of anything I haven't done, nor allow anyone to misrepresent or misquote me or put words in my mouth without responding promptly to it. I've tried to be fair when posting anythng and weigh all sides of the observation in question,yet that makes me a "freudian wannabe"?
So I guess I can't be fair anymore since it don't seem to me to be a level playin' field, right? Ah-ight, so since that's the case I'm gonna be REAL from now on-

If I wanna post commentaries about flyin saucers and earthquakes I'll post them;If I wanna write eloquent compositions that seem like 'pseudo-intellectual' mumbo-jumbo, I'll post them; And if I don't like you (whoever you may be)or what you post, I'll tell you straight up. And if the result of it is 'grime', which , oh I forgot, can't exist on this board, then I guess we're all gonna have to deal with it, cuz that's what it's gonna be, cuz that's what the board is for, right? RIGHT!
And to all you newcomers:

There's a lotta good folx on this board, and we're all good I guess, yet sometimes some of us can be unreasonable, like I'm bein right now, and proud of it.
So if you see a lot stuff on this board that confuses you and gives you the impression that noone here is serious about how you feel right NOW, don't mind it.

Believe it or not, I know how you feel, and I know that pain sucks,and when you're in pain, jokes aint funny. Nothin matters more than the pain you're in, and that's the first thing people need to understand- To hell with all else.I just want you to know that I understand that feeling for all it is, and I for one, will always remain concientious enough to consider that when you log onto this board. If I can make you laugh with a joke, I'm glad. But until then I aint doin nuthin but thinkin about what I need to say to let you know I understand how you feel.


And when I git my second wind, and when whoever decides to chew me out for this, I'll be back to vent some more.
Big ups and mad props to those who are concientious.

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