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Posted by Tracy ( on August 29, 2000 at 10:18:46:

In Reply to: Sorry I just couldn't help it... Just one other thing dearie... posted by Geo on August 29, 2000 at 07:42:34:

of self my friend, and savaging those about you will not help it.

I did not say you attacked my schooling, or my life per se. When you lapsed into the YOOF CULTURE psuedo attitude it was as if I was some ignoramous you had to talk down to. By highlighting my background I was just pointing out I am not.

I am stupid, nor are any of the others here you feel so free taunt. I am sorry that your life sucked so much. Not having access to any medication legal or otherwise, I am unable to say that "I understand how you feel". I think that's such a rotten statement to make as I would NEVER know how it feels to live your life. However, I DO feel that your attitude to others is out of hand with it's intensity. We are not ATTACKING you as a person, we are SAYING we do not agree with your statements. I know that my government for one is trying to become a dictatorship, but currently we still have the right to free speech. Im assuming the same standard is still relevant in America? However, you seem to feel that you have every right known to man to critcise us who disagree with you, but we must not voice our own opinions regarding yours. A little unfair, and certainyl one-sided, don't you think?

You are a contradiction in terms. Why? well, you say you would never bite the hand of friendship, even quoting Shakespeare (I think) and yet then immediately post another message doing just that! If anyone is sitting in broken glass, Im afraid it is you my friend.

I am not here to get into a flame war. Although having read your posts further up the board I feel that's what you are trying to goad some of us into. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue to trade insults with you. I voiced my disagreement with your rather vociferous opinions and that was that. As I had extended my hand and, whilst not expecting it to be grasped in friendship, I certainly didn't expect it to be savagely removed at the elbow.

I feel that you will one day come to accept those of us who disagree with you. After all, when the chips are down we rally around those of us who've fallen, and I would do the same if it were you or my best friend. Disagreements and insults matter not when another human being is suffering.

As for people like you, whilst I agree I don't know you - I DO know your TYPE. Those that allow themselves a little more respect with every put down they make to those around them.

I have CLAWED my way to where I am today, inspiet of remarks from people that you appear to represent. I am proud to say my parents are dirt poor and I am as working class as you get this side of the East End (where my Mum comes from). But I pulled myself up (I didn't step on anyone either to get where I am, that's not my way. I am NOOOOO buttkisser) and made the best of what I got. I got asthma, I had migraines all my life and I then I was diagnosed with CH in 96 (although I started suffering the HA's in 95). But I still got on with it. As has everyone else out there. Your life doesn't excuse your attitude.

I do notice however, that you appear to have lost the crisp analytical tones of the original Geo. What's that about? Just a question, not a violent attack.

Anyway, I must go as I have work to do and little time left to do it in. I hope you lose the rottweiler attitude. I think there is a nice man there trying to get out. I'd like to meet him one day.

Take care and God bless,


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