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Posted by August ( on August 30, 2000 at 19:30:50:

I"ve been looking in the dictionary for the word family. Who knows why I had to look it up in the dictionary. I guess so if someone tells me I'm wrong I can say, tell it to Webster. Line 6 tells it like it is..

6:Family-a group with something in common: a group whose members are related in origin, characteristics, or occupation

Well, that's "US" guys. We have many things in common. We all know this pain. WE all know what it does to our lives and those around us. Who hasn't said things they regret? Who hasn't posted something and then wish to god they hadn't. I know just today how humiliated I was again to have posted something that should have been sent in e-mail. (Chet, thanks for pointing out the obvious for us. Ted and I both know it should have gone to e-mail.) There are so many here that I care about, and think of as my family. Being the Irish tempered person I am, I have strong loyalty to those I think of as family. If they've been hurt I'll go after the one that does it. Later I may regret I did, but at the time seeing someone i care about getting dissed takes precedence. Some of us get along, some of us don't. We all have our role in this family. We all contribute, everyone of us do for the whole. I see people who come on bad days where there is flaming, and well... we know what I'm talking about here, they think the board has hit an all time low, and we've lost our purpose. Sometimes that in itself serves as a reality check for us. I've been here long enough(not as long as many others)to see every time the board hits that low it goes right back to what we do best. That is the business of SAVING CLUSTERHEADS. It isn't just our pain that communes us as a family, it's our love for each other that does too. Face it guys we are good at helping each other. We are strong motherfuc@ers. Our supporters that come here are strong. They are our Angels we pray for.(Margi) We have been through hell, and we're here to talk about it. We're here to help bring others out of the fire. Someone stop me before I start to lose my point. I've got 102.4 temp as I write this so no one laugh at me. At least not publicly. You can do it in private as long as i don't hear about it later. If you do i'll send the Ch pitbull after you. ;-) Hope people know i'm kidding. Back to the point. I know that I was helped out of the absolute lowest point in my life. I admit it, I was close to the "S" word. For everyone that e-mailed me and kept giving me reality checks, and posted to me on the board, you really did save me. I'm not being dramatic here. Ted you saved me.
So as one member of the family to all the rest, lets all take a deep breath. In with the good air, out with the bad cough,!! cough!! (oh, fu@k! I've got to quit smoking before it gives me cancer!!)and be thankful we found each other. I know I am.

Love you guys,

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