Medical Survey: Missing drug Bellergal,

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Posted by Douglas Ross ( on August 31, 2000 at 15:51:32:

The drug that has ALWAYS been the best preventative for my
headaches doesn't show up in your online survey. It goes by the
names Bellergal-S and Bellaspas, depending on the
source. The Bellaspas is the generic and very
affordable. Basically, it's an ergotomine, barbiturate
and belladonna combination that shuts the cycle down, then
lets me ride it out with relatively low daily doses. The
tablets are quarter scored for breaking. I find it's better
to take one half tablet every three to six hours (or as
needed) in the day and another half or whole at bed.

Here's the link to the drug's information at PlantetRX:

(Doctors brainwashed by Wellcome detailers will babble commercial
mush about the ergotamine preempting the use of Imatrix and not want
to prescribe it. For me this is a lot like saying you can't have
a TI-86 Calculator because then you couldn't use an abacus, and a solid
gold abacus at that.)

And, for whatever it's worth, I have also found that taking
one of the clear red "Tussin" decongestant/expectorant
cough medicine gel caps in the morning and again at night
also seems to stave off the beast. They contain dextromethorphan,
sudafed and guafensin (a mucous loosener). Not sure just
why they seem to have a positive effect, but they do. And, they are
dirt cheap at WalMart or Target.

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