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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on September 04, 2000 at 01:11:58:

In Reply to: Holiday Topic - non-CH related... posted by Bensue on September 03, 2000 at 17:54:10:

When you said "sports" ...I remembered's a true story...WELL... it happened on a baseball field...does that count?

Once upon a time at a baseball stadium on a bright beautiful day in the land of Arizona there was a Grateful Dead concert. In those days, long before the music began, people would gather and just "be there". These gathering moments were as important meaningful, as the time when the band played.

Tribes, families, individuals came and mixed and flowed together. My tribe of some 15 people sat in the middle of the field ..probably second base when people played baseball there. It was a sea of sitting, smiling people. Very crowded... but with a air of peace and love. A walk-about thru the sea of sitting flower people was an event in itself, a glorious trek. Bodies bobbed up and down and swayed and swooped.

One passage through would take a long time. It was a waltze filled with sharing.If you paused anywhere you'd hear "ya wanna hit?" If you came with nothing you would soon not be hungry or thirsy or unstoned. Everyone tread lightly on everyone else. And it was good.

All of a sudden a naked guy appeared, laughing, smiling, dancing through the crowd saying over and over again, as waves of insight and inspiration flowed through him, "I thought it was just me...I thought... oh man...I thought it was just me" A light had been turned on and he was reveling in it's glory. You got high just watching him. He was really quickly crisscrossing, dancing, “tripping the light fantastic” through the whole field... soaking in and spreading the vibe of WONDER, repeating "I'm not alone...I thought it was only me"

All of a sudden naked guy #2 appeared. He had been inspired by and was attempting to connect with naked guy #1. He was yelling "yea man!" at naked guy #1 across the sea. His hand outstretched to naked guy #1, he began his own trek as a “naked guy” toward his inspiration. But for naked guy #2, the sea rose and fell and swirled and when he got to where naked guy #1 had been...he of course was gone...nowhere to be seen.

Naked guy #2 found himself alone and naked. I'll never forget that transforming look on his face...from joyous abandon to panic. Unlike naked guy #1 whose "inspiration" came from within, naked guy #2’s "inspiration" came from outside himself and that "meaning" had happily drifted off into the mist.

Naked guy #2 tried desperately to smile and relate to those around him but his steps were heavy with desperation and he began a frantic "lost" search for meaning that ended with him poking Mr.Winky into a girls unwilling face and being flattened by her old man. He got hurt bad.

The medics in the white coats wandered through the hippie sea saying "well... where is he? He can't be hard to find! He's a naked guy!" They were lost too, looking for a naked guy, but they had "a purpose" and probably didn't have very much LSD in their bloodstream.
As the medics worked to revive and repair naked guy #2 ...naked guy #1 reappeared. He impishly peeked over the shoulders of the bent over white coated guys, said "whoops" and ran giddily off. We supposed to find some clothes and enjoy the concert.

Walk in the sunshine...with sunscreen.

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