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Posted by Geo ( on September 04, 2000 at 08:36:37:

In Reply to: How sadly true posted by VD on September 04, 2000 at 08:15:57:

Here's the cure for cluster headaches, and I really don't mean any harm in this, it's just my way of being facetious;

As far as 'positive outlooks' is concerned, for one thing I doubt that any of us are morose recluses, and considering the pain we all go through, I think we've the most positive attitudes of anyone else on the planet. Were that not true, there'd be very few CH sufferers who haven't taken to eating a bullet, or painting the sidewalk with thier guts.

As for the cure for CH:
[1]Nobody for president
[2]let's all eat seaweed,nuts and berries and drink spring water
[3]have emotional lobodomies done so that we aren't aware of anything but happiness and pleasure
[4]have an orgy, instead of boring round-table discussions at the next convention, or
[4a]quit our jobs,pack up and move to Disneyland forever
[5]see no. 4 with regards exercise

The point of all this 'facetiousness' is that what you've described is a wonderful ideal, but an inapplicable reality. Even if we could all vow to live by those guidlines-whatever they are-changing ourselves to suit them is not going to change the reality of the world. It will not make war,poverty,anger,hatred,politics,death,sorrow,mourning,disease,pollution,work,unemployment,
stress,depression,worry,or any of the other harsher realities in life, go away. No matter how any of us live, we will all be subject to these things, and they will be with us whether we change our lifestyle changes or not.

Maybe if you could convince the 99% of the population that doesn't suffer from CH that what clusterheads need is a change of lifestyle, that might help materialise your ideal...

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