Once again-EMF and CH link?

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Posted by Geo ( on September 05, 2000 at 16:08:30:

"-The hypothalamus is the electromagnetic computer which will regulate phenomena in cells, in animals it will, regulate hibernation. This computer can be manipulated by affecting the input of electromagnetic radiation. The presynaptic and postsynaptic cells are separated by a synaptic cleft which is filled with a dense granular material, which responds to the changes in magnetic fields..."

That being the case, why not get a massive attack hours before an earthquake or during changes in barometric pressure? It may also figure in the symptomatic manifestations that accompany CH attack
which are typified by mucous discharge (And this may be way out in left field, but anyone who's familiar with what happens to people who've been sentenced to death in the electric chair, know that heavy mucous discharge occurrs, through the mouth,nose and eyes).
EMF is everywhere, and there's no telling how, or where, or why it very well may figure in CH, yet if the hypothalamus is "where the action is", as Dr. Goadsby puts it, and if the hypothalamus does respond in one way or another to changes in electromagnetic fields, then it does figure somewhere in the equation.

I'm no doctor, scientist or physicist, yet I've experienced a whole lot that has made me consider this
aspect very strongly...

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