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Posted by Elaine ( on September 06, 2000 at 15:11:16:

Just my humble opinion! I have received email after email about how has gone to hell in a hand basket. Its funny the people that email this to me are bitching about it but are not doing anything to stop it. Instead of them posting and skipping over the crap post they just stopped posting and started emailing about how bad the board is. I am here to tell you this is a support board and we can keep the crap out by just not responding to these people. Can’t you see these people want and need us to respond to their post in anger and they want us to leave the board. I do not know why but they do. I guess its easier to flame each other than support each other.

I am so sick of who is real and who is not real. I don’t care who is real or whoes not. If someone lies about who they are or what kind of illness they have I don’t care cause those people need help as much or more than we do. I am not turning my back on any of them. I pray for them, and I if they come forward and say ok people I lied what would you all do. You would banish that person from the board. So don’t expect any one to stand up and say they lied or explain why.

I refuse to post to bad post any more it just hurts the board and people so I don’t do it even if I get good and mad. I learned the hard way what post to answer and what post not to answer.

If you all want the board back take it but not by flaming people take it back by posting post that you think should be on this board.

OUCH officers and BOD if you want OUCH to stay a float then you all better help Bob P and get on this board and tell us what’s going on what’s needed. There are new people here every day and they have no idea what OUCH is about. Jonny and I spend a lot of time in chat explain OUCH to people ect… I know I am membership chairman but its getting kind of hard to explain why the officers and BOD don’t post much ect…! We need more talk about OUCH on the boards and about clusters , sure you say you have heard it all and your tired of repeating yourself everyday on the board. When I worked I had to repeat myself everyday to people who called in. I got tired of it but you know what it was my job and it was so nice when someone said thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. It was even nicer to know that they came in and bought the service we offered.

To people who have had their feelings hurt here and don’t post ! Get over it. You must find something here you keep coming back and reading it. The people who have been here before, and and are posting under a new name. You are you even under another name so why not post under the name we all know you by!

You can all get mad at me if you like but this is the way I see it! Instead of flaming me here on the board and filling the board up with crap come to chat I am there at night most of the time. I will be glad to listen to anyone who wants to chew me out.

Todd and I have our own site, and I love it but and the people who post here are my friends and its my home. We just tried to make a home for all types of people who have headaches. I could say to hell with this board and promote the site Todd and I have, I promote both boards and OUCH and this has been my home for over a year now and its going to stay that way. This board saved my life and gave me the information I need and I will never forget that and will do what ever it takes to keep it going so it can help others who come here. So please get back on board and all work together to make this board a great board again!

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