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Posted by Riccardo ( on September 11, 2000 at 08:00:39:

DJ Gospel
(with no intention to offend any religion or God, but only for love and.. a bit of joke)

Many and many years ago, the clusterheads wandered for the roads of the world without a destination, frightening the passers with their proclamation and their complaints, and after they return to hide themself in the shade. Oh, how much pain and how much loneliness! They in fact were not known, and only their relatives and colleagues listened to their cries.

But in Wichita came a prophet, child of Linda, he came to carry the light.
He told: I have seen the clusters, and they don't seem me a good thing.
He then aimed his finger on the keyboard, and he told: "I will create the site Clusterheadaches.com"
(In fact, it was not so simple, his disciples tell that he spent many sleepless nights on the keyboard, but we write as the legend tells)

And the site appeared on the WEB, very handsome and young. Many and many came to the site, and they found reception, comfort and help. And he continued to spend nights and days to help the poor Clusterheads.
Many disciples came, and few abandoned it. And the multitude that frequented the site often thought "will the Linda’s child really exist?" Then the frequenters from discos, that felt the music and the words of the disc-jokers, but didn't see them almost never, did they call DJ.

And he continued to help the pilgrims, to punish (but with fatherly love) the disobedient. Also came a day in which some disciples created a forgery idol and called Quarrel. He then abandoned his people, only for few days, but they were sufficient. All they by now cried and they repented for what they had committed, and he returned between them, more flashing that never. From that day anymore they took themselves off from him, and they were a happy people (though in the pain of clusters).

And a day came a woman, her name was Mikal, and she touched the vest of DJ telling him: Oh prophet, I’m full of sin! I’m a Doc Pepper's addicted! Help me!-
And DJ touched (don’t tell you where) the poor woman, and she was free from that horrible addiction!.

They in Las Vegas had erected a construction to his name, and each year all the disciples go there for celebrate their party. He is always between us.


More seriously, I am thankful to DJ for the immense job that has done and that he still does. And the bigger job is not to maintain this site open and functioning, but active, useful always new and 'compassionate'. What we make is only the iceberg upper point, but the Filter, the Manager, the Magician, ....the Prophet of all that stays DJ always.


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