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Posted by Geo ( on September 12, 2000 at 13:15:55:

What the heck-
Here's the revised version of "Migrainous Diabolicus"
which is a bit longer, but addresses in more grotesque detail the horror of a cluster attack as a personified legion of evil subduers of well-being.

Evil Ones are they!
The authors of pain!
Unrighteous tormentors
From ages unknown
Their ways and means
Of oppressive plunder
Incomprehensible and shunned
By all who know
Perplexing those who know not
Their lascivious exploits
And thus remain unseen by mortal sight
They lie in wait
In glittering shadow
And false twilight
Blinding with glare
Of stinging light
They ensnare and rend
Casting spells of ancient evil
The darkest sorceries
Bourne before the dawn of man
Striving to instill madness
Preying on the weak
Overthrowing the strong
With such goading
None dare to challenge
Nor for long can endure
Their recoiling tortures.
Wherefore these evil legions come
Obscuring the reason
Quickening the heart
And twisting the bowels
They curdle the appetite
For good living
And ruin the nourished constitution.
In an instant they come
And in an instant they go
In successive machinations
Of sporadic cruelty and perverse molestation
Leaving behind only the lie
Of their retirement
From further assault
Do they lie-in-wait
To return
And afflict with
Seditious agony.
No healing herb
Nor balm repels them
Not root nor bark
Nor ground stone
Prepared with mortar and pestle
Will fend against them
Demons are they!
Fearing no medicine
Unmoved by spells or prayers
Wandering to and fro as they please
Keep the darkness close to man!
They who lurk beyond the veils of day
Stooping on the threshold of dusk
Thieves of slumber they come
Swooping down from gray realms
Wherein they concoct noxious tinctures
Of brain and blood borne matter
With cunning and wicked genius
On wings of black fire they descend
Perching upon the head and face
Injecting horror
With poison claw
And acid fangs
Spitting brine into the eyes
Entwining the neck with tendrils
Spiked with burning hooks
Lowly and foul they crouch
Poised to strike as does the asp
Scraping at the sinews
Twisting the veins
And burning the blood
They ravage with impunity
Stomping on the head
With cloven hoof
Knocking at the temples
With fists of molten iron mail
Magnifying whispers
The softest tones
Become thunderous quaking
Malefic curses
Cracking the bones of the eye
And skull
With tongues of venous lightning
Mocking grimaces upon their faces
As they feed upon the eye
Liquefied to slime by corrosive spittle
Becoming drunk on the suffering screams
Of those they have enslaved with pain.
Their unstill hosts
Grabbing at the hair
Banging at the head
Howling curses
Which only intoxicate and thrill
Their cries of torment
Stir vindictive spite
Exciting only greater infliction
Of the unparalleled pain
Manufactured in leisure
Administered at will
By architects of evil
Destructive sensations
Engineered from neural mechanisms
As yet uncharted by modern ingenium
They use the body
As a weapon of suffering
Their victims
Thrash and pace with gasping breath
The very air about them poisoned
By the sulfurous winds of their rotted bowels
They exhale hot wind into swollen veins
Of head and neck as they
Evil genii
Larvae of the mind
Gnaw upon the cheeks
Vomit stones into the membranes
Fill the nostrils with dung
Scraping the orbs with broken glass
Drilling unto the teeth
They scribe their evil litanies
Hailing misery and pain
Chiseled by claws upon the bones
Of the head
And nerves of the eye
Celebrating their afflictions
Upon the generations of man and woman
They cackle and whine
Sardonic songs
Of suffering and torment
Retiring mortals unto darkness
Gagging the mind
And filling the heart
With pleas of death
Which not even the Angel of Mortality
Will heed.

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