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Posted by Henry ( on September 13, 2000 at 11:20:29:

1/2 doses of Imitrex injections work for me. However,Imitrex is available in pre-filled syringes as well as the autoinject (STATDOSE) system. I believe the statdose system is typically prescribed due to people being squeamish about needles, especially about injecting it yourself and because the statdose system seems like a good idea. Though I haven't seen it, according to the description in the tip, the current autoinject system is different from the one I used years ago. That system used a pre-filled syringe that was installed in the gun. Since it was pretty painful when I first tried injecting in my leg, I had my wife (nurse) inject it directly in my arm with the syringe only. Recently, there was a problem with one of my kids, my wife wasn't home and I got a CH. For the love of my child, I overcame the squeamishness of the needle and stuck it in myself and found that it was painless in the buttocks. Now I buy prefilled syringes instead of the STATDOSE Autoinjector refills and inject it in my buttock myself. Painless. It is just as effective (100%) as injecting it in the arm however it takes a few minutes longer to work ( 5-7 minutes in the rear, 2-3 minutes in the arm). I have't tried self injection in the arm yet however my wife did it and there was just a slight bit of pain which is partially attributable to using a dull needle (after first use, needle gets a burr and pulls the skin as it's removed)and because I am extremely thin. When injecting in the arm, you must use caution not to inject into a muscle (takes longer to take affect) by inserting too deeply) and that you don't hit a vein. Have a doctor or nurse show you where to do it should you opt for speed over comfort. Is there a cheap source (mail order) for imitrex on the web?

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