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Posted by August ( on September 14, 2000 at 19:22:40:

There's this song from Everlast called What's it's Like- in the lyrics it says when you walk a mile in their shoes, then you really know what it's like to have to choose. Basically sometimes you don't have much chose. Farther below I responded very strongly to someone that scared me. I tried first to do it through e-mail. My e-mail came back un-deliverable. That made me feel suspicious and scared. I should have checked the IP address like Bog G. did. Then I would have ignored it. I didn't check. My thought was I have to make it very clear I don't want to be messed with. If it seems like I'm a cold hearted you know what, then you don't know me. I'm someone who has reached their limits and can't take anymore. I'd like to be able to come here and offer my help, and be able to interact with people i care about. It's getting harder and harder to do this.

I say that I'm not sleeping. I really mean I'm not getting any sleep. I'm getting hit with 5-6 10's a 24 hr. period lasting around 2 1/2 hours each. I'm not getting any breaks. This is not my excuse for why I didn't think things through before i posted, it's just an explanation of the state i'm in right now.

To the male population I might have offended, which i seem to have done, I'm sorry. I'm not a male hating feminist. I've learned at an early age I have to rely on myself to be safe. I was responding only to Antonio who turned out to be the same one who keeps harrassing me. I wasn't responding to the general male population. If someone like Riccardo, or someone else I know had posted the same thing, I would have joked back about. I didn't know this person, and I felt threatened by it.

I haven't had a chance to answer my e-mail lately. I'm afraid some people might think I'm rude for not doing so. I've lost a lot of mail over the last 4 days. If I haven't answered your mail, I'm not trying to be rude.

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