I was trying to maintain a dinified absence

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Posted by Kevin Plumley ( on September 15, 2000 at 05:53:30:

I was trying to maintain a dignified absence on your message board, as I am not used anyway to this medium, and if I open my mouth I get blitzed. I don't want to offend anyone, so if you want to come through on e-mail, I might offend fewer, and who wants flak. But for those with sensible points but without visible e-mails, I offer this swan-song.

General points: casien is an extremely sticky substance - it is used in glues and paints because it is so sticky - and it is highly unlikely that lactose can be entirely un-gummed from it. Some people's lactose sensitivity responds to such minute traces. And our own lactic acid production - well, that is not in our tums, is it, where it might otherwise cause ructions in those so-disposed. And Asiatics, like most Africans, traditionally - and still - do not use milk, so lactose intolerant and - if so - less ch. - If I have missed any points, e-mail me.

My practical experience is over migraine matters rather than cluster headaches, which I came across only very recently. I am not pretending to be an expert on ch. I am just suggesting that some of you try the obvious remedy that is effective in ch's blood relative. From what I can see, it would seem that some kind of harmonic of bio-rhythms irregularly causes a hormonal state that suddenly triggers a spasmodic group of headache attacks - and though the individual experience and evidence of clusters might seem different, I would bet more than a little that the same mechanism is involved: that - as in migraine -. lactase production stops, and that lactose is involved in the same 5-HT discharge and the same result - head pain.or pains - The problem is that milk derivatives are put in so many things - And all associated milk products contain some element of lactose - except, they say, butterfat, though I would steer clear of that, too, to be on the safe side. On the matter of ch as the results of head injuries of course I have no idea - though that does not mean there is no explanation or connection.

With conventional migraine it is quite black and white. Every case: migraine until cessation of lactose, then no migraine until - "Look at the packet" - and there is some lactose-loaded milk product that has sneaked past their attention. At the moment, with menstrual associated lactase inhibition, we are experimenting even two weeks on lactose, two off - It is that clear. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that the same lactase-lactose-5-HT mechanism is part of the ch syndrome too? All I am saying, is, try it. You will try all these drugs to alleviate the pain. Why not try this to try to prevent it? I'm on your side. But I don't want to argue: just try it. And you folks who say you don't take lactose, check your bread, check everything - milk products are sneaked into everything - God and commerce only know why.

I stand reproached for rudeness, by the way. That's fair comment. I don't take kindly to rudeness either. Look down the page a little. Patents cost a year's salary here, and when I think of the time and expense without return of any kind other than being called a thief simply for trying to help, that does not irk, that offends. But slashing at each other is not going to prevent your clusters, is it..

If any can be induced to try lactose abstention, by the way, you might let me know the results. To be right may be a dry biscuit, but at least it's a biscuit.

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