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Posted by MOB ( on September 23, 2000 at 15:31:31:

In Reply to: COMPLAINTS ABOUT BOARD/S posted by Anthony Chappell on September 23, 2000 at 14:05:02:

Point One: If you complain about this message board ( even if your complaint is completely innocent - if not naive) you will not be allowed to post a message.

Answer: Look Tony ( May I Call You Tony - Thanks Dude ) This message board is for helping people not complaints. If you have issues with the way the site is run then you should, as most people would know - refer them to the webmaster of the site. Either by e-mail directly to the webmaster or by using the feedback form located at the top of the page.

Point Two: How is it that the man who operates this site is able to frighten sufferers so much?

Answer: Frankly Tony I am amazed that you could possibly think that anyone on this board is Frightened of DJ. This Man, Damm it has given us all hope when everyone else had written us off. This Man (DJ) has spent countless months creating this web site & submitting to search engines ( Even Yahoo ) messing about with Meta-Tags etc all for us. And Tony what does he want in return - Only the same as the rest of us who suffer from CH's, HELP and hopefully one day a cure for ALL.

To Sum Up: So Tony I would not be surprised that your posts were removed from the board. They should not have been here in the first place- this is a message board not customer service.
DJ lets people post what they like (Within reason ) - from jokes to mild insults to information, kind words, support, love and much more. Yes there have been some harsh posts - posted by people who just want to hurt others and that is probably why your posts received such colourful replies.
But DJ knows as do we all that if someone new comes to the board looking for help and all they see are posts like yours, then they will probably go away and suffer in silence and be alone once more.

So Tony if you have issues with the way the site is run then please refer them to the webmaster.
Also if you have issues with anyone who replies to any posts then please use e-mail to express those issues ( we all post our e-mail addresses) and keep this board free for what DJ intended it to be used for.

PFDAN To ALL...............MOB

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