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Posted by Riccardo ( on September 26, 2000 at 02:26:52:

...and came the time that Vishnu (also known as Boyd-er, for his ability to heat waters) ask Shiva (all we know his ability to play drums) to come once again between the humans.

Shiva was a little upset, some humans disliked his way to play drums in 3/4 with the blues songs: this create always problem to the bass player.....

But Shiva had always a good character, no matter with the band, but he plays.

The magic word was vasectomy! Vishnu-Boyder pick up the Shiva balls (seems a cocktail!) and cut the old legacy with shiny and solitary days (AKA onanism). In fact the Shiva hands (due to drum's sticks) cannot be firm, and at every piss-time he ...enjoy himself a lot....

In fact Vasectomy is a mantra used from Gods: it is compound from VA (GO in italian, God language) plus SECT (in this case the CH sect) and OMY (God) a common phrase that means literally 'Oh my God, what will happen this time'

And Shiva-drummer went again on the Earth. To educate the CHers with the clever disquisitions about the anthropology (in fact he took part in the humans creation) with Vishnu-Boyder.

And the fields and the mountains and the valleys and the cities echoes again his words and his stick-ticking

And the big mantra word F@@K! (pronounced only by few priests in the time he wasn't here) echoes again in the CH world.

And the elect (whatever it mean) is again within us, to annihilate our lack of trout ...ooops truth!

His words strike again the Vishnu-Boyder power, in the eternal fight between the opposites.....his sticks are playing again!

(extracted from the Annapurna Sathiati Parvamushroom Chippendale Holy Book)

.......welcome again Drummer

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