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Posted by Paul ( on September 27, 2000 at 00:39:35:

In Reply to: Interesting posted by Ted on September 26, 2000 at 01:47:35:

Well Ted, I took the quiz again and also read the medical information page and I am absolutely convinced that these headaches are cluster headaches. The only doubt that existed in my mind was put there by a doctor who, in 1988, diagnosed the headaches as cluster. Why would that put doubt in my mind you ask?? Well, ten years later in 1998 during what I'll call "The Crane Incident", I went back to that same doctor after going to a chiropractor ( we clusterheads will try anything as you know) and told him my symptoms again. Now keep in mind that in the ten years between the first bout of CH and the crane incident, I'd had many, many "Clusters" but this time, I thought that I had an idea what was causing them and wanted to share that information with my trusted physician. As soon as I told him that I thought that they were triggered by strain in my neck due to the crane, he says " Who told you those were Cluster Headaches?" "YOU DID" I said. Well he says, they're not. They're tension headaches. He then proceeds to crack my neck (even after I'd told him I'd already been to a chiropractor three times ) and back and writes me a perscription for Flexeril which actually worsened the severity of the headaches. I went back to that Dr. one more time to tell him he was an idiot. The moral of this part of the story? No sir, I do not wish to be studied. I say muscle, Doctors say tension. You see why I get a little defensive???
Part two of this final chapter.
Anyway, I am here with just one prayer. That prayer is that through my experiences with the CH and my 10 years of pondering this problem, that I may help at least one other person. I am NOT by any means saying that my CH "triggers" are the same as every other CH sufferer but if I can help even ONE person in the prevention, it would be well worth my time. I note that you have a few posts here and so maybe if you think that any of my ideas are worthy of sharing, you will do so.

Here goes:
When I first started having these CH, my main thought was that I had to find out what I was doing in my life to cause that much pain. In other words, I looked for years to try to isolate some activity that could possibly cause that much pain. Enough pain in fact that I was very near putting a gun to my head on many occaisions. How hard could that be?? With that much pain you'd think that the cause would be something as big as getting run over by a bus! I thought it was stress. I tried relaxation methods. I thought it was not enough exercise. I started working out. I thought it was a build up of toxins in my body so I lost ten pounds and ate mostly vegetables. I thought it was my temper so I practiced thinking "Happy Thoughts" and still they came. It wasn't until two years ago during "The crane incident" where I did NOTHING but go to work, come home, sleep maybe two hours and then go out to the garage with and ice pack until the pain went away that I finally started to get the picture.
Ted, I believe that these headaches can be triggered by everyday activities that we are not even aware of. Simple activities that we do on a daily basis or on occasion under the right circumstances. I believed at one time that they were indeed seasonal. I could count on having these CH spells starting about mid September. Hey, guess what I now realize. I start shooting my bow pretty regularly about the first of September in preparation for the Oct. Archery deer season. ( Hope you're not anti-hunting or I may have lost you) Ever lay under a vehicle working on a muffler system? Maybe you lift your head up off the ground to get a better view. Put a little stress on the neck or shoulder. I have and sometimes a few days later I'm stricken with the beginning of a CH spell. Sometimes not though. I can't guarantee that the activity that caused them this time will cause them next time but I'm aware of what CAN cause them. I read a post here that was written by a school teacher ( made reference to being a History teacher not a spelling teacher) and the first thought that came to my mind was writing on the black board. Picture it. Hands above the head. Repetitive motion.
I used to look for the BIG ONE as the cause prior to this. You know, the popping in the back, the sharp pain in the neck. The big event that would triggger the episode. I don't think it's that at all. I think that it's the window washing, the painting, the washing the car, the arm outstrectched working the mouse--- the every day things that causes the irritation that pulls the trigger.
Ted, I think that you get the idea. I hope that you give this some thought and if you think it worthy...........pass it on. It may help someone.
By the way, I filled out the questionare and also submitted a question to Dr. Greg concerning this subject. Who knows??
Peace be with all of you.

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