Progress Report -- 12 Days since initial dosing

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Posted by Q ( on September 29, 2000 at 02:22:42:

The single dose Saturday a week ago has worked wonders!


The last four days have been pain free (except for a mild shadow this morning that was easily chased away with a strong cup of coffee). My physician will go through the roof, angry, if I tell him what I have done, but you can't argue with results.


This is the time of year for anyone who wants to get relief to go out and find a secluded cow pasture and pick a bag of psi. I can not think of a good reason why at least half of the regular, now suffering, posters don't test this psi-tx. My biggest concern was that it would trigger a relapse of EtOH consumption, but this was deftly avoided by involvement of my closest support group friends and associates. Laugh if you want to at the recreational users, but this is strong medicine and has certainly marked a milestone in my personal fight with the CH deamon.

In my research of the psi-tx, several advantages have been noted:
1. it is nearly impossible to overdose, assuming that you don't pick one of the various deadly, wrong, species.
2. it is free.
3. it is easy to prepare and administer.
4. it is fast acting... almost immediate, say less than an hour.
5. it is safe to drive the next day.
6. it is easy to preserve and store. ($3.00 for a jar of honey)
7. it will keep in the refrig for about a year, so I am told, if preserved in honey and kept away from light and heat.
8. it is easy to cultivate in the privacy of your own home if you want to. My guess is that you could set up your own first-class production in about two months elapsed time for under $300 and have quite an ample supply for personal use without risking the bull-shit, see below.

The only arguments I can muster against it are...
1. it is illegal to possess. But it is also illegal to kill yourself while in the midst of CH-attack.
2. you could die from the wrong species. Buy a book or take along a knowledgable friend.
3. you could get killed by a mad bull in the wrong pasture. Keep you eyes open.
4. you could get shot by the land owner for leaving the gate open and letting the mad bull escape from the pasture. Know where you are going.
5. it tastes horrible, but hey, it is medicine not candy. Hold you nose when you drink it, think of PFness.
6. it gets a buzz going, which could lead to relapse of an addiction if your purposes are crossed. Ok, this was fun, but that is beside the point.
7. it is not something that you can talk about in open, mixed company. But hey, it is great to be able to say that the CH is not a problem today, unless you need that to get your sense of self-worth. We all know a few folks that really don't want to get well, now don't we?
8. it is not something that you'd want to travel through customs with, if you are going abroad. I'd suggest allowing a week after the psi-tx to travel. It is easy to conceal if properly dried, and is extremely lightweight and not bulky.


That's my report as of early Friday AM. You can do with it what you want. I am struggling with the implications of such a small dose having such a long-lasting effect on the CH condition. Certainly all the psi-drug was out of my system in a matter of hours, so something else has to have happened. Perhaps some metaphysical conflict resolution? Anyway, that is the subject for a later discussion. Nite, Nite, all.

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