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Posted by Graham (am I in trouble now?) ( on October 01, 2000 at 14:49:26:

In Reply to: Stop Posting using my name! posted by Graham--The real one on October 01, 2000 at 14:12:14:

For your information:

1) Graham is my real name-unless I am the result of some cruel mind control experiment!

2) Although I do not post very often I have posted occasionally for the past year or so. Type in a search under ĎGrahamí and you will see this. Only in the past few months have I read posts from you and I cannot remember crying when I saw your name!.

3) Mushrooms are not illegal to consume. They only become illegal when processed!

4) The chemical in mushrooms that COULD be of benefit to us is less toxic than caffeine, so there is not much chance of me dying, especially after two treatments!

5) I donít like drugs, simply due to the fact that you can become dependant on them. I take Verapamil everyday at 240mg and I donít it at all. I hate relying on it. I could go higher to reduce my suffering, but I thought that the mushrooms would help. Also, it is this dependency issue that is the reason for me not having oxygen in my home or using Imitrix. I donít want to rely on them on a daily basis. The Ďshroomí treatment is a one-off treatment that could help me for many months. Oh, and by the way, they are non-addictive!

5) Its not possible to have a kip 12. Ten is the maximum! You obviously have not done your research or visited this site very often!

6) Your wish for me to have kip 12 CHís is quite amusing. You obviously have some inner aggression that you need to get out. Oh please, wish for me to have kip 15ís. If you donít Iíll tell my mom.

7) Over the past four and a half years Ive probably had well over 2000 headaches. So, after all these headaches do you honestly think that your outburst will bother me?

8) I could have done the treatment without telling anybody on this web-site. Do you think that I posted my experiences for self-gain? I simply wanted to share an experience that could benefit others.

Iím going now, I can feel a Kip 12 coming on (ROTFALMAO!).

Best Wishes,

Graham (one of many around the world)

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