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Posted by Flash ( on October 01, 2000 at 17:25:09:

In Reply to: Stop Posting using my name! posted by Graham--The real one on October 01, 2000 at 14:12:14:

The other Graham isn't prentending to be you. You just share the same Christian name. I understand that you may be concerned (due to the content of his posts) that people might attribute his posts to you.

Perhaps you should consider taking the more direct acion of changing the name you post under. Personally that is what I would choose to do in a similar situation. In all honesty, if I was the other Graham I would be considering changing my handle, because what you posted is pretty nasty, and I wouldn't want anything that originated from you in future to be attributed to me!

It's not nice to wish bad things on other people - is it? It might make you feel better typing it in, but really it makes you out to be an 'email terrorist'. In my own experience, people who type nasty emails would never dare say those things face to face. I'm not suggesting that this applies to you, it's just a general observation of mine. Assuming other people agree with that assertion, do you really want them to perceive you as a coward in real life?

I understand that many people feel strongly about the use of illegally classified drugs. Many years ago I was one of those people too! Be aware though that the legal status of a substance has no effect on it's physical properties. You probably aren't aware that LSD was originally used to treat migraines, prior to being 'abused' for recreational purposes, or that many of the legal prescribed drugs used to treat CH were derived as a result of those original studies into LSD.

In high enough doses caffiene can kill too (in fact it kills at much lower doses than LSD does), if the government outlawed it's use (it is of course a stimulant) then would you view it as being as bad as cocaine? If it then turned out that smoking caffiene cured cancer, would you condem people for using it?

I guess there are three points here:

1) The other Graham is not deliberately persecuting you by posting under the same name. Most people realise whois who simply by the nature of the posts. If you read his, and then read yours it is fairly obvious that they were written by different people;)

2) It's probably better not to behave aggresively in a impersonal situation such as email etc. as others may perceive you in the wrong way.

3) The drugs issue is a very complex one. (the other) Graham is not actually breaking the law in his country. It might be worth you doing some research, just so you don't come across as ignorant.

Personally I feel that in an open forum like this, if you don't agree with a post, or are offended by it, then it's probably better to ignore it!!! As you can see I'm not very good at taking my own advice!!!


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