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Posted by Bennie Sue ( on October 09, 2000 at 10:23:10:

I have been cluster-free since I found this site last year.

However, I had one attack last night about 11:00. I would rate it about a 6 on Mr. Kipple's scale.

People talk a lot about triggers. It is an intriguing subject because there has to be something that sets the demon in action, it seems to me. But I cannot figure what caused mine. Some trigger possibilities I have pondered in regard to my own case:

1) It has turned cold. I went to sleep with wet hair.
Although the heat in the house was on, I was not comfortably warm. When the attack started I dawdled making a cup of instant coffee and locating my hair dryer. By the time I got around to the actual heat treatment the 6 level had been reached. Fortunately, the hair dryer and coffee heat aborted the pain in about 15 minutes, and the pain did not return. But the heat felt so wonderful on my head that I also applied it to my neck and shoulders for about 15 minutes more - just savoring its soothing effect and the relief that the CH attack was over.

2) I had been under some extra stess; the stressful event resolved itself; and then the attack struck. Not odd, according to the old medical literature.

3) Some people say aged cheese and chocolate can be triggers. I did eat both of these at dinnertime.

4) I have been on Verapamil 240 mg a day for a few months. The last couple of days I have been a little lax about taking the pills because I have never really known whether they work for me or not. But I do not dare leave them off in the future (I probably also need them for the high BP I sometimes have.)

In any case, I cannot not really attribute my attack to a specific trigger - perhaps a combination of them worked to provoke the beast.

I have some shadows today but nothing major so far. So I am thinking very hard about my friends who are in really great pain and feeling very bad for you today. Everyone, please get better soon.

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