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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on October 12, 2000 at 06:00:49:

In Reply to: Pinky, Q :) posted by Miguel on October 11, 2000 at 21:30:02:

... Miguel, I respect your intelligence, just as I respect Q's intelligence. That doesn't prevent me from saying that you are just as dead wrong as Q is.

For the record, I too am an atheist. Have been since about age seven or so. However, I am also a rational philosopher. Consciousness is demonstrably more than just molecules interacting. It can be proven in a matter of seconds.

Si quiero communicar en Espanol, puedo. On the other hand, if I want to write in English, I can. The decision of which sequence I choose to hit the keys is MINE... not the result of molecules forcing my fingers to follow a predetermined path, nor the result of random hits predicted by the currently fashionable "chaos theory".

I have free choice. I exercise it. The molecular reactions in my brain do not determine by behavior. "I" determine my behavior. "I" choose to act or not to act. "I" choose to respond to your post or not to respond. "I" set the wheels in motion.

My consciousness is not controlled by the molecular actions that occur inside my brain. Quite the reverse... a significant portion of the molecular reactions inside my brain are controlled by my consciousness. While it is true that a specific sequence of molecular events must take place inside my brain in order for me to hit the keys of my computer in the correct order, it is ME who directs the molecules, not the reverse. How could I hit the keys I want to if it were otherwise?

Even though no philosopher has yet been able to explain the nature of "free will", it exists. Even though no scientist has yet been able to explain the mechanism of "free will", it exists. Even though no theologian has yet been able to explain the origin of "free will", it exists. A five year old child is able to grasp the concept of "volition". How can he not? It is directly observable. Free will, or volition, is an attribute of all conscious entities.

The brain and all its enormously complex mechanisms is the medium through which consciousness is able to EXERCISE this free will, but it is not the CAUSE of it.


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