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Posted by Danny ( on October 15, 2000 at 15:06:36:

I too just discovered this site. A quick background on my experiences: I was 28 yrs. old (45 now) when I tackled my first CH. Intially spent tons of money on eye exams. After determining I still had 20/20 vision I visited my family Dr. who had no idea what was happening. He referred me to a neurologist who diagnosed they were CH's. The only problem back then there wasn't much history on the subject. So, like a lot of you old Ch sufferers like myself we started at the top of the alphabet and worked our way down the list. I wish I would have kept a list of all the crap I took. I do remember taking some green tablet and putting it under my tongue during a severe CH. It tasted so bad, I started laughing and spit it out. Now I had two problems, a terrible headache and a nasty taste in my mouth. I figured the next time I went back to the specialist she would want me to put the tablet under my tongue, jam something up my butt and deal with the pain of the CH all at the same time. I could have joined the circus.

I was a chronic form 28 to 39 yrs. old. And I mean CHRONIC. I think I had more Ch's than breaths I took during this time period. Attended a pain contol clinic and learned how to deal and fight back. After learning all the new terms on what they are called i.e., shadows,devil, etc.,etc., I now know when I attended the Texas A&M vs. Baylor football game yesterday that I drowned the devil with many beers. He attacked twice to no avail. He had no choice but to lay down on my shoulder and enjoy the experience.

On a more serious approach you probably can tell I am going through a cycle. The only drugs I have taken for these for 17 yrs. is oxygen (4 x) and verapamil. I honestly don't think they did that much to help. I will try this water treatment thoery I read on this site. It sounds pretty cool and it's healthy. Can't hurt. I'm sure I'll need to be admitted to a piss control clinic after I waterlog myself. I'll just have to get over it.

Finally one more quick story that happened during my early yrs.(I was 30). I was working in aerospace and saw a guy always walking around the plant carrying an oxygen bottle. I asked one of the security guards what it was all about and he told me the guy suffered from CH's. I went and talked to the guy who was much older than me and he told me he went everywhere with this oxygen canister with the thing a majig wrapped around his head. I was now in a quagmire. Do I carry the bottle around with me all the time for relief or do I never get laid again? Hmmm...Never carried the bottle. Oh goes on. Thanks for the site. It's great!! Hang in there fellow Warriors.


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