Candida and Sex...LOL...Don't Eat Out?

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Posted by Miguel ( on October 18, 2000 at 10:01:26:

As a follow up to my question about oral sex, I did a little
web research...and what do you know...ROFLMAO!!!!

A vaginal infection caused by the fungal organism, Candida albicans.

Alternative names
yeast infection of the vagina; candidiasis; monilial vaginitis

Causes, incidence, and risk factors
Candida albicans is a widespread organism with world-wide distribution. It
is normally found in small amounts in the vagina, the mouth, the digestive
tract, and on the skin without causing disease or symptoms (approximately
25% of women without disease symptoms have this organism present).

Symptoms appear when the balance between the normal microorganisms
of the vagina is lost, and the C. albicans population becomes larger in
relation to the other microorganism populations. This happens when the
environment (the vagina) has certain favorable conditions that allow
growth and nourishment of C. albicans. An environment that makes it
difficult for the other microorganisms to survive may also cause an
imbalance and lead to a yeast infection.

Yeast infection may follow a course of antibiotics (particularly tetracycline)
which were prescribed for another purpose. The antibiotics change the
normal "balance" between organisms in the vagina by suppressing the
growth of protective bacteria that normally have an antifungal effect.

Infection is common among women who use estrogen containing birth
control pills and among women who are pregnant. This is due to the
increased level of estrogen in the body. The increased hormone level
causes changes in the environment that make it perfect for fungal growth
and nourishment.

Yeast infections may also occur in association with diabetes or problems
that affect the immune system (such as AIDS or the HIV virus).

Vaginal candidiasis is not considered a sexually transmitted disease.
However, 12 to 15% of men will develop symptoms such as itching and
penile rash following sexual contact with an infected partner.

My Comment - I guess baseball players are a fine example of the itching...

Close attention should be paid to episodes of vaginal candidiasis. Repeat
infections that occur immediately following therapy, or a persistent yeast
infection that does not respond to therapy, may be the first or, at least, an
early sign that an individual is infected with HIV.

Both males and females with HIV infection who have developed AIDS may
be subject to disseminated infection with Candida, including oral
candidiasis (in the mouth), esophageal candidiasis (in the esophagus),
and cutaneous candidiasis (on the skin).

Avoid persistent and excessive moisture in the genital area by wearing
cotton-crotched underwear or pantyhose, and loose fitting slacks. Avoid
wearing wet bathing suits or exercise clothing for long periods of time, and
wash them after each use.

abnormal vaginal discharge
ranges from a slightly watery, white discharge to a thick,
white, chunky discharge (like cottage cheese)

vaginal and labial itching
redness and/or inflammation of the vulvar skin
pain with intercourse
urination, painful

Signs and tests
A pelvic examination will be performed. It may show inflammation of the
skin of the vulva and within the vagina. The examining physician may find
dry, white plaques on the vaginal wall.

A wet prep (microscopic evaluation of vaginal discharge) shows Candida.

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