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Posted by Rob ( on October 24, 2000 at 16:52:39:

In Reply to: I just realized something posted by karen on October 24, 2000 at 15:53:05:

Hi Karen,
Ive been a sufferer of the DEMON for 20 years now and believe me ive tried everything. The trouble is that because its such a little understood subject, we end up trying everthing.Now and then you try something and you think its helping so you hang onto that for dear life.Remember its not that long ago the medical profession were drilling holes in peoples heads for this sort of thing.Anyway the bottom line is this-nothing seems to work consistenly.
Apart from in my humble opinion WATER, and lots of it.Ive found that at the onset of a cluster i start to feel dehydrated all the time,dry mouth lips etc.If i then start drinking water all day it eases the symptoms. By symptoms i mean the sensations you get before headaches start and not the actual headaches themselves.I wonder if there is a link between dehydration and the alcohol trigger factor, after all what is a hangover if not dehydration.What started me on the water trip was an article in the paper by a Chinese doctor saying that as humans we do not drink enough water.Considering that we are made up of 70% water we never drink enough to replace lost body fluid, tea coffee and alcohol only making matters worse.He seemed to think that a lot of ills we suffer are down to this,and a dry mouth is the last sign we get that we are dehydrated.
So thats it, im not a docter im a guitarist, so what the hell do i know but you could always give it ago.You need to get into the habit of having a glass of water in your hand most of the day.I can feel a cluster trying to get a grip at the moment so i always have a pint of water to hand. I find i develop a raging thirst and bang down the pint and then im back for more.Let me know if it helps.
For the record I use Cafergot tablets to stop an attack and Tylex capsules to ease the pain when things get out of hand.
Cheers Rob.

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