Don't you Fu@kin dare give up on perfection!

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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on October 29, 2000 at 03:44:01:

Edison made a whole bunch of light bulbs that didn't work...he did not roll over and play dead. He kept at it.

A while back some folks subscribed to the position that there was "nothin be said about CH" so the CHMB should be allowed to degrade into a "happy go lucky chat room"...I coulda come thru my puter an slapped them! I thrive on and contribute humor....but to ignore the underlying serious work is a grave mistake...a travesty.

Many of those folks are...uh...GONE...I don't know where...they are just gone.

...and my point?...I'm gettin there...

Research into the causes and cures of CH is being done in and around some of the folks who visit here. Many of their lightbulbs don't cause a flicker, some of them burn a while and then go dim an then out... a small few are glowing still.

I implore those few of you out there (you know who you are) that have a fairly decent "glow" to continue.

Ignore the opinions of the ignorant.

DJ created and continues to do this thing. He has not given up on perfection....

I grieve for the fact that so many extremely intelligent contributers to this site are no longer "posting". I see so many questions that they have and could answer in their inimitable ways.

Bottom eggheads! please continue to check in and post yer insights...

Tomorrow ....some person ...long suffering with CH
will finally get a 'puter and finally get "on line" and find this site...and ask..."is there anything new?"....or confesss "I'm ready to kill myself"...

Please continue yer research....

...and don't believe that noone wants to know.


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