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Posted by annemarie ( on October 29, 2000 at 05:37:25:

I do want to get cured.
I do want to get rid of pain if that's the only other option.
I don't "believe" in the candida theory.

For why? 'Cause you don't have to *believe* in scientific fact. You prove it.
F'r instance: not by many more people saying `me too!'.
But by researching why people said: no, not me.

So here's another "no, not me" to incorporate into your theory.

I did the spit test as soon as Miguel asked. Negative.
I was shadowing lightly at the time. When you asked shadows were heavier. I repeted the test. Negative.
Now I am into a cycle and the spit test is still negative.

Here's another for you. You wondered why people don't react. I also sometimes wonder why they don't. I have posted twice on this board that there is no "antibiotic infection" of cattle in my country. Dairy products are free of it. Our own meat is free of it. (It was the US leaning on Europe that forced us to accept antibiotically shot up meat from the US. It is still in the minority.)
Yet my country has roughly the same number of CH patients (and ME patients and suffereres from other syndromes that were blamed on candida in recent posts).

So. Either the Netherlands have far less candida - and the afflictions mentioned in the different posts on this board and in the sites we were referred to, are not caused by candida...
Or the dairy products theory is quite wrong.

IMHO you can't have it both ways. Yet nobody says anything and we'll just go on spinning our old theories as before.

Please. Of course I want to get rid of CH. And of course I want to get rid of candida in the world as well. Of course I want people to search and search.

But I want people also to be sceptic. That's the only way we'll ever get the real cure!

So don't get angry. Get better!

Walk in beauty, annemarie

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