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Posted by Kevin S ( on October 29, 2000 at 21:10:23:

Heya..Kev from Fla here. I've been getting these headaches behind my left eye almost every day now for the last 2 weeks. Its happened before in the past and i always chalked it up to stress. Its gotten real bad tonite and i decided to do some research and came to your site. I took the test, and all i can say is it appears inconclusive to me. Some syptoms fit..some dont. I compared my symptoms with migraines and that appeared inconclusive as well. I'll tell you what i experience and ask for your opinions.

Typically I can feel the pain behind an eye..usually left (no drooping eyelid..but sometiems the eye waters alot) and about 20-30 min later..full blown headache that no over the counter med will help. Now, if i can get to some aspirin/advil within 10 min of feeling the first twinge, about 1/2 the time the headache goes away (none in house tonite). I dont see any aura or colored lights before the headache. Once the headache happens, it feels like a sharp knife being poked into my eye. I either am very good with pain, or what i dont know, but i dont have the severe symptoms of some others here. There are things that i do that make it worse...if i stand, walk, move my head..I get dizzy and the pain makes me wince. Going to sleep will help it 85% of the time..but sometimes i'll wake up with the pain in the other eye..or no change at all. This will happen aobut the same time every day for a week or two..then nothing for a month. I was chalking it up to the computer monitors (network engineer) that i look at all day every day.

Right now i'm typing this..i can feel the pain behind my one moment...dull the next. If i get up, the pain will become very sharp and I'll actually press my palm to the offending eye, tilt my head and wobble a lil.

I dont know if this fits..pls help.

btw..some things that help me. Music (beegees..dont laugh), closing the offending eye..and (dont laugh again) willing the pain gone. I can actually close my eyes, concentrate on the pain and "think" it gone..but only for a few minutes. Anyway..enough of my rambling

p.s. Apologies for liberal useage of net slang.

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