Hey Folks! A long term shroom update for you all!

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Posted by Graham ( on October 30, 2000 at 19:56:49:

I know it has been a while since my last post, but Ive tried to forget about clusters for a while, apart from when I'm getting hit by one of course. Also, my server for the net is now almost always engaged when I dial up in the early evening after work. So I got kind of fed up with trying. Ive got some holiday time off work at the moment so Ive decided to try and call in on a regular basis again.

Anyway, this is whatís happened to me.

I decided to try the shroom treatment because I was starting to get hit with clusters several times a day (3-5), almost like before I started taking Verapamil, when I would get up to eight (I got a amazing deal of relief from this med when I first starting taking it but Ive gradually become tolerant to the dose I am on). After taking the shrooms I got far less attacks and even went three days without an attack after the initial dose, which is not too bad for a chronic. However, the strong attacks I did have were VERY BAD. Now, I do not honestly believe that the strong attacks were due to the shrooms. My sleeping pattern at the time was erratic to say the least, and I decided to stop drinking alcohol for a few weeks while doing the shrooms (I do not have time to go into the reasons for drinking alcohol even though I am chronic and it triggers attacks-but for accuracy purposes I will add that for me, alcohol prevents far more clusters than it causes). Therefore, I suspect that the erratic sleeping patterns and the absence of alcohol in my body probably caused the increased intensity of attacks.

Back to the point!

The unprovoked (non-alcohol triggered) attacks have virtually dropped to zero, and when they very occasionally do appear, they are nothing more than mild shadows. This has been the case for the past month or so since I last posted!

In conclusion:
The clusters were getting worse and worse before the shrooms, and I was considering upping my Verapamil dose or going on Lithium, or something else! The shrooms have basically removed the vast majority of my clusters. In fact, I would say that my suffering has been put back six months. I no longer feel the need to up my Verapamil dosage or go on different meds. Which, after you consider the fact that I am chronic, and will most likely need to be on meds for the vast majority of my adult life, is a very good outcome. The shrooms have not got rid of my clusters, but they have greatly reduced my day-to-day suffering.

When/If the day-to-day attacks (not shadows) return I will certainly do the treatment again.

Best Wishes,


FLASH-If you have read this I would like to say that Ive read some of your posts on Candida. Excellent work by the way! Incidentally, I did the spit test and I appear to be loaded with the stuff. Also, after reviewing your posts in the archives, I also seem to have some of the symptoms. Donít know whether to pursue it yet, but it has provoked a great deal of thought. Take care.

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