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Posted by Miguel ( on November 01, 2000 at 20:07:05:

In Reply to: oh really?... posted by August on November 01, 2000 at 13:23:27:

"I don't think that I am in any way denying the validity
of the spit test. Any cronstruction of fact around such
premise is nothing a simple farse."

August, believe whatever you believe, read whatever
you read into it, interpret whatever you interpret.
If your point is flaming, you are wasting bandwidth.
with me. If your point is to prove a scientific
issue, please do so with tangible data, none of which
has yet made a direct connection between
C. Albicans and 5-HT in any way shape
or form. Making holes in the intestines does not
constitute a direct link to a syndrome that might
possibly be caused by an mRNA aberration
in the hypothalamus (none of these are made up words), which
may possibly lead to an specific localized
inbalance in 5-HT secretion at the cortical level,
receptor production, neuronal transmission, nerve
permeability, vessel wall permeability, etc.
Intestinal ulcers, as what the syndrome associated with
candida seems to cause in some cases, may lead to bleeding, stools
containing traces of blood, etc. If the ulcers are big
enough to allow "food particles" to get into the blood
stream, as I saw someone note in a post, consider that
the chances of bacteria and viruses making through those
holes are exponentially greater, hence the risks of
death, not just CH, but death, increase exponentially as well
if not treated very quickly. You must be aware of
the seriousness of a blood infection, thus the considerations
presented would render CH as an insignificant event when
compared with the enless fatal possibilities that arise
from long term intestinal ulcers. In consideration to the
length of time that CH is present in most people that suffer CH,
some being chronic, and the slim possibility
of association with C. Albicans CH would be
the least of the problems if the yeast was the sole
or major cause of the CH symptoms. Introducing the
concept of the longevity of the disease, coupled with some of
the claims made in this board about candida, many other more
severe symptoms and oportunistic infections/ailments
would likely take precedent in the management of
something as serious as a candidiasis.
Take for instance when I posted in a slap-stick manner
the possibility the candida infections are aquired
via oral sex. Well, a flurry of data, or something
similar to data, mostly heresay if you ask me, surfaced
on this board as to the imposibility of such instance.
I agree, it is impossible. However, in trying to
enlighten people into doing some serious research via that
indirect, sarchastic method of association, I was hoping
that at least one of the posters would pursue the issue
long enough and go beyond just looking for the oral
sex/candidiasis lack of connection, and engrose him or herself
in the content matter of the available scientific information
regarding mode of action and biological correlations
between candida and our bodies, as in - what else is there regarding
candida, and how does it relate in a direct
manner to the CH/5-HT syndrome. There is not
one single post that has come up with one single
biological pathway to prove such connection, or even
a link to a paper written in an accredited professional
journal that would give validity to this claim. This not
to say that there isn't a connection. It is to say that if
there is one, lets find it. There are plenty of posts
indicating that CH is caused by Candida, but not
one that directly addresses the specific mechanism of action at
the molecular level. None of the posters in such
instance are practicing physicians, as well as
appearing that none are research biologists.

In view of that specific lack of information,
how can we say that candida causes CH? because
less than 40% (I think that the final number was
37%. I might be mistaken) of the respondents
showed positive results in a spit test?
I think that the question that I possed a few weeks ago regarding blood
pressure/history of mental disease in a CH suffere's family, etc
showed even greater correlation. However, I noted such as an interesting
coincidence, which may merit follow up studying.
At no time a conclusion was given that CH results in
low blood pressure or viceversa. In such parallelistic
approach we should also measure the conclusion process that
has somehow established the Candida/CH issue as a truly
causative and uniquely/invariably the essence of the
syndrome. What do we say to the 60% that tested negative?
You don't have CH because you do not have candidiasis?
Is their CH a false disease, or perhaps mistaken one?
I respect those that tested positive and negative, and
treat them as they should, fellow sufferes in search
for solutions. I think we all should utilize that smae approach
while putting aside sensationalistic discoveries
polarized by the desperation created by our own pain.
In essence, the scienfic world, that that deals with
disease management among many other fileds, requires
tangible and verifiable data. It has been so since
science was invented in Greece. We can't change that.
The opposite is known as religion in some cultures,
voodoo in others, etc. The holistic and unquestionable
approach to tangible problems at one time named the
Earth as the center of the universe, made the Earth
flat, and spontaneous generation a reality. We as
a society cannot go back to the dark ages of
science, the apogee of the inquisition and the
reign of truth through fables. I myself am looking for
the link between 5-HT and C. Albicans to
give credibility to the broad claims made here.
I am yet to find it.

Being a sufferer puts me in a position that any,
and I mean ANY!!!!
solution that will make this pain go away and
never to come back is a good one. Never the less,
I cannot allow my desperation to blindly seek treatments
that may do more harm, or waste of my time, money and hopes
if there is no proof or connection at the scientific
level that such would improve my condition. I could not
forgive my self for the self inflicted damage that such
approach would cause me physically.

sneak oil, carry on.

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