My worst dance with the devil

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Posted by sailpappy ( on November 09, 2000 at 11:17:59:

Normally the demon is content to just sneak in and poke me in the right eye and then grind that spector up into the right side of Old Sailpappy's cranium. Yesterday around 1 pm I started pulling the starter out of the old Boat puller (89 Astro Van),
It was hot as Hades and lying under the Van on a cold concrete slab actually felt good, then without any real reason the Demon desided he would climb right up inside Old Sailpappy and play "great expando man"
Within an hour I thought I would loose my mind, I had a 2:45 appointment at the school to meet with my Granddaughters teacher and during that I had a #8 cluster and had to end it as fast as I could (the meeting) after a trip to the little boys room, and many stares of disbelief from the school staff, that hadn't a clue what was happening I managed to make it to the van and my Ice bag. A/C blasting and Ice bag on head I drove home again being Gauked at by every person that noticed the Goofy Guy with the Ice on his head!
I got through the cluster and the other headache was still there, but dull and tolerable, the Misses made it home from work and as soon as she walked in she could see the pain on my face, I tried hot showers and cold showers and everything I could think of, I laid in bed all night with this demon inside me with the normal 2 hour intervals between the clusters, but the other headache caused me to have Night sweats and not be able to sleep at all. I was so wasted by the pain I couldn't even think of looking at the computer screen. My 15 year old was on the system chatting and the sound of the keys being tapped while she typed was more than I could take!
I went as far as opening up the Medicine cabinet to see what we had in there, Hydrocodone--No way, Oxycodone-Never, Benadryl--Hangover city--never ever again. seems we had a whole throve of pain meds, but I just couldn't bring myself to take any of them, sat in the cold shower with an Ice bag on my head and sometime around 4:30 am I must have fallen asleep, at 5:30 the alarm went off and I jumped up to keep my 7 year old Granddaughter from seeing Old Sailpappy in his birthday suit, sitting in the shower, sleeping with the water running over him, like some kind of shriveled up old streaker.
It must have done the trick as I haven't had the head pain yet, but the ringing in my ears is so loud now that I need some accompanyment to make it like the sound of music.
Also I have a throbbing dull pain resonating from my right sholder, down the Bi-cep that is scaring me. I have a call in to the Dr. but so far no response.
If this is what our cousins with Migraine's go through, I'll stick with Clusters. Sailpappy

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