The Amazing Benefits of Relaxation:

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Posted by TerryS ( on November 15, 2000 at 13:13:16:


Did you know that practicing some form of daily
relaxation is the greatest gift you can give yourself?
Taking a few minutes each day to quiet your mind and
breathe deeply can make a big difference in how you
feel throughout your day and into the night.

The word "relax" has its origin in the Latin word
"relaxare" which means "to loosen". When we practice
relaxation techniques we are in effect loosening
tension, releasing tightly held energy and letting go.
We are expanding into the blissful state of calm

The benefits to a daily practice of relaxation are

They include:
* improved health
* improved efficiency at work
* a release of unwanted tension in the body
* a sense of connectedness to yourself
* clarity of thought
* inner balance
* increased energy
* enhanced relationships
* feelings of joy and peacefulness
* restful sleep and more.

Sounds pretty good to me!

So how about an exercise to allow your body, mind and
Spirit to connect and relax.

The 5 Minute Vacation

1. Begin by finding a comfortable place where you
won't be disturbed for the next 5 minutes

2. Put on some of your favorite music if you can

3. Begin by closing your eyes and BREATHE DEEPLY

4. As you exhale feel your mind letting go Feel your
body releasing


6. Imagine you are taking a journey... a journey
leading you to the most beautiful place you could ever

7. Allow this place to become real and life-like for
you now...

Notice the vivid colors in this place of beauty
Notice any sounds you may hear in your place of peace
Notice how you FEEL in this beautiful place

As you continue to explore this beautiful place
You notice just up ahead one spot in particular that
seems to be calling to you... beckoning you ...

Sit down, curl up and just allow yourself to relax
even more

8. Allow yourself to dwell here in this place of peace
and beauty for the next few moments. Breathing deeply
and rhythmically

Know that you can return to this peaceful place
whenever you wish

9. Gently bring yourself back into the present moment
Feel your hands and feet, take a few moments to come
back into your surroundings and

Continue with the rest of your day feeling refreshed
and re-energized.

Special Note: This 5 minute vacation imagery is
available to you as a FREE resource at the following
Susan M. Castle

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